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Sprint App of the Week - Twitter on your mobile phone


Considering that this is Twitter’s birthday week, we want to devote our App of the Week to Tweeting on the go.

Lots of great ways to share an interesting thought, an intriguing article or just “What’s Happening” at the moment via your phone.

The Sprint team at CTIA 2010 this week was Tweeting up a storm in sharing all of the big news about HTC EVO 4G and our other announcements.  You can see details, including some of the Twitter updates coming from the Sprint CTIA crew, here:

Personally, I’m a big fan of Tweetcaster by Handmark.

I like the way it displays the main feed of those I am following and makes it easy to call up a list of reply Tweets.  It comes in an ad-supported free and a paid “Pro” version.

This CNET reviewer said “we think TweetCaster Pro is at the top of the Android pile of Twitter apps."

Checked around with some of my social media colleagues for the favorite Twitter apps on their Sprint phones and found several other good options.

UberTwitter is a popular choice for those carrying a Blackberry.

Others said they like Twidroid and Seesmic.

Mashable, in noting Twitter’s fourth birthday, said Twitter is hitting 50 million Tweets a day.

Wow. That’s a whole lot a Tweetin’ going on.

What is your favorite way to use Twitter on your phone as you are out and about?