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Sprint App of the Week - Veterans ID pack


Sprint has more than 1,500 employees who are veterans and even more are currently serving our country. Here’s the story of veteran Dan Last, Instructional Designer HRD II at Sprint, who develops training for Service & Repair Technical Consultants in the retail stores. 

I entered the military in 1964 as a Navy Reservist while still in high school. I served two patrols during that time, one on a destroyer and one on a World War II vintage wooden minesweeper. I transferred to the Army after one semester in college since I thought flying helicopters in Vietnam would be more interesting than studying biology. It was. I flew 1120 combat hours in 49 weeks.  I decided boredom was safer and left the Army to go back to college in 1969. In 1972 I decided that flying was better than working and went into the Air Force. Again, I was right. I flew B-52’s, taught in T-37s, and served in several staff positions in Europe, Asia and the Pentagon. My career culminated as the director of life support and physiological training for the U-2 and the SR-71. In that position I led the only full pressure suit water survival training program in the world. We trained NASA astronauts as well as our U-2/SR-71 crews in a program on a lake in Northern California. Locals would line the lake to watch what they referred to as “trolling with spacemen” as we did drag training. We also did altitude chamber training. Basically, we put you in a big steel box and sucked all the air out so the crewmembers could experience hypoxia symptoms and expanded internal gas associated with loss of pressurization. We also had a hyperbaric dive chamber used to treat the bends and other disorders. I treated cases of carbon monoxide poisoning, gas gangrene, and diabetic wounds in that facility.

Dan helped contribute to the mobile content that went into Sprint’s newest ID pack – the Veterans ID pack. Dan plans to upgrade his phone in a few months to a Sprint ID-capable device and will be able to take advantage of the new Veterans ID pack. He already uses several of the Web sites linked to in the Veteran ID pack frequently.

Just in time for Veterans Day, Sprint is launching the Veterans ID pack, designed to help those who have served our country, or who are currently serving, find helpful resources, apps, links and other mobile content right on their wireless device – downloaded instantly in a couple simple clicks. It’s a completely customized mobile experience for vets right at their fingertips! The apps chosen by Sprint will keep veterans up-to-date with the latest news – whether its national news from reputable news outlets like CNN or Fox News, military news, or status updates from their friends and family on Facebook. Veterans can also find job information and other helpful benefits resources simply by scrolling through the five screens on their Android device. Mobile links will take them to resources from branches of service, Together We Served - the largest exclusive military network - and more. Even the ringtones and background wallpaper is patriotic – featuring the American flag and silhouettes of men and women in uniform. Detailed information about the apps, links and widgets in the Veterans ID pack follows. 

About Sprint ID
Sprint ID is a unique, simplified way to find apps and customize your wireless device. Sprint ID delivers a variety of apps, widgets, shortcuts, ringtones and wallpapers – designed to meet users’ specific mobile needs and interests – in a few simple clicks. Sprint ID packs are free to download with an Everything Data plan from Sprint. There are currently 12 Sprint ID-capable devices including Samsung Epic™ 4G, Motorola PHOTON™ 4G, Samsung Conquer™ 4G, Sanyo Zio™, Samsung Transform™, LG Optimus S™, Samsung Galaxy Tab™ and Samsung Replenish™. ID packs range from popular brands like MTV and ESPN to specific interests like Golf Enthusiast or Fashion & Beauty. To see all ID packs visit

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Veterans ID pack details:

Android Apps:

US Military News Feed: Browse your favorite military department with multiple news feeds updated daily! Displays news for US Military departments, with no advertisements, including:  Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Department of Defense, U.S. Coast Guard. Sources include Google News, YouTube, official department newspapers and Twitter feeds.

PTSD Support for Veterans: The Hope for One app is focused on providing support to military veterans with the effects of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The app developer appreciates the sacrifices that our servicemen and women make for our country. The app is intended to be a source of hope and encouragement.

CNN app: Get the latest news, watch live video and iReport from your Android phone. Experience what happens when storytelling meets the latest technology with the new CNN App for Android - a smarter, sleeker way to experience a world of news and insights. Now available on all Android powered mobile phones.
Fox News app: Get the day’s top news stories from FOX News. With the FOX News Android App - receive FOX News Alerts, read headline news stories, stream the latest video clips, listen to FOX News Radio, and browse through photo galleries, all for free.

Clock widget in the shape of dog tags shows the current date and time
Facebook Widget points to ‘Together We Served’ Facebook page
Twitter Widget points to Department of Veterans Affairs Twitter feed
RSS news feed widget from Veterans Today:
YouTube widget pointing to Department of Veterans Affairs channel

Folder with links to all the branches of service:
• DoD (official site of the Department of Defense):
• Army (official site of the Department of the Army):
• Army National Guard (official site of the National Guard):
• Air Force (official site of the Department of the Air Force):
• Air National Guard (official site of the Air National Guard):
• Navy (official site of the Department of the Navy):
• Marine Corps (official site of the Department of the Navy/ Marine Corps element):
• Coast Guard (official site of the Department of Homeland Security./Coast Guard):
• Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (official site of the Department of Health and Human Services/ Public Health Commissioned Corps)
• National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Corps (official site of the Commissioned Corps)

Other helpful links/resources:
• Disabled American Veterans link
• Together We Served link
• US Department of Veteran Affairs link
• link (mobile site)
• Android Market: choose from more than 250,000 apps to download to your Veterans ID pack
• Email, Contacts, Messaging

Vet 1 small.jpg

Sprint would like to thank all the brave men and women who are currently serving or who have served our great country.