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Sprint App of the Week -- World of Goo


Who knew that Goo could be so much fun? I hate to admit that I am so late in discovering World of Goo, but now that I have, I am addicted.

World of Goo is a puzzle game. The object of the game is to build bridges and other structures to move the Goo through different chapters of the game. The game itself is creative, fun and challenging enough to hold your attention as you solve each puzzle.

Not sure World of Goo is for you? Check out the trailer below or download a demo version for free on your Android device. The full version of World of Goo cost $4.99 for Android and iOS. 

World of Goo for your Android device, click here.

World of Goo for your iPhone, click here.

The World of Goo started as a Wii game and expanded its reach to iOS and most recently to Android. In January of this year, it reached the one million download mark for the iOS platform. The game launched in Google Play late last year and is quickly becoming a must have app for the Android platform.

Are you addicted to World of Goo?  Or, tell us about your favorite puzzle game.