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Sprint Apps - Golf


It sure has been a long winter. Just ask any golfer who has been waiting eagerly for the snow to melt and the temperatures to warm up.

The pros tee off this week at Augusta National Golf Club in pursuit of a green jacket. That’s always an event that excites the most dedicated of golfers and casual fans of the game alike.

When you or your favorite golf fanatic gets a chance to hit the links, make sure to keep a Sprint phone right next to the driver and a sleeve or two of fresh golf balls.

Some of these apps will be as handy as a wise, ‘ol caddie quick with the right advice as you line up the next shot.  And when it’s time to take a rest on the 19th hole, other apps can help you keep up with your favorite pros.

Golf Channel Mobile Application – This app sends Golf Channel’s latest golf news scores, blogs and analysis directly to your Android phone. You can get Golf Channel experts’ picks before each tournament and breaking news, according to

Pocket Golf Pro- describes this app as a “golf instructor right in your pocket.” Who couldn’t use a little help in hitting the golf ball longer, or at least straighter, right? Check out golf lessons right on your phone to help improve your game.

“The first lesson pack is free (the sampler pack). Each additional lesson pack costs about the same as a golf ball!” according to

Golf ScoreCard Lite – Put away that pencil and crumpled up scorecard. With this app you can use your phone to tally your scores. According to, “You can also view the holes, pars and scores on a ScoreCard and save as an image or text.”

FreeCaddie– So is that pin 100 or 130 yards away? If you can’t ask your caddie, ask your phone. This app is said to have more than 15000 mapped courses already available. says the app lets you use an Android phone “to get distances to the front, center and back of greens.”

Then, of course, Sprint TV offers ESPN Mobile TV, which can be another great way to keep up with those pursuing glory on the greens.