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Sprint Football Live Decommissioning


The Sprint Football Live application was decommissioned at the end of March this year.  Below are FAQs about for Android / iPhone and non Android phone users and how to now access to football information.

Why can is Sprint Football Live no longer available?

Each year Sprint evaluates the value of the applications we provide to our customers. After carefully reviewing the many other sports and football applications available today in the Android and iPhone marketplaces, we found there were comparable applications currently available that provided the same content as Sprint Football Live.

What is the recommended replacement App for Android and iPhone users?

We selected the SportCaster app as the default replacement application because it offers much of the same content as Sprint Football Live, it has performed well over the past few years and it is free to both Android and i-Phone users.

The new Sportcaster app includes live scores and stats football, hockey, basketball and other major sports coverage. Sportscaster also has up-to-the-minute information from Twitter, allows users to identify their favorite teams giving sports fans a personalized, real-time source for commentary, news, fantasy and stats. Live video coverage of College football (including Notre Dame home games) is still available from Sprint TV’s ESPN channel on Sprint TV enabled devices. Sportcaster, from OneLouder is available on many Android devices and the iPhone.

I don’t have an Android or iPhone. How will can I get football / sports information?

You can still access football and other related sports, stats and more at or watch the ESPN college football coverage including (Notre Dame) home games on the ESPN channel on Sprint TV enabled devices.

Will Sprint ever bring back the Sprint Football Live application, such as once football season begins in the fall?

At this time we have no plans to bring back the Sprint Football Live application.