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Sprint ID: In Depth Simplicity

Sprint Product Ambassador

Phandroid has really taken a deep dive into the Sprint ID concept and phones, creating several videos and a great indepth article explaining how and why this works.

Providing an in-depth review of Sprint-ID is somewhat of an ironic oxymoron- the feature exists to provide Android beginner’s with a simple, non-obtrusive, out-of-the-box way of getting the content and apps they want on their phone. By all accounts, readers of Phandroid are (mostly) on the knowledgeable end of the Android scale and don’t have to do all the digging and researching- you already know what you want and you follow Phandroid to see what you’ll want next.

But what about the 65-year old retired guy who is about to embark on post-career golf frenzy? How about the 45-year old mother who just became an empty nester? Or what about the 15-year old text messager who has never had a smartphone and isn’t exactly Android obsessed? Where do they start?

You COULD tell them to start with, and we’re developing some interesting features for people like this in the near future, but Sprint is being proactive in welcoming a new breed of smartphone user to the Android world [. . .]

Sprint-ID is a starting point. It’s a way for Android beginner’s to get started on a new world they want to explore and discover. So let’s dive in and show you how Sprint-ID will help these new users navigate the smartphone seas with a little more ease.


Here's the first of their videos giving an overview of all three current Sprint ID phones:

Their conclusion?

I think Sprint ID is a great idea, and if you take your own desires OUT of the equation and look at the service as an opportunity for beginning Android users to get the most out of their phone (out of the box), then I think you would have a hard time disagreeing