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Sprint® Music Plus provided by RealNetworks®


We’ve been talking about some upcoming enhancements to your Sprint Music experience, and the day is finally here! On March 14th Sprint launched Sprint® Music Plus provided by RealNetworks®, Inc. (Nasdaq: RNWK), which introduced a single destination for customers to discover, purchase, preview, playback and manage multiple Sprint branded music services from a single service provider.

A few key improvements with Sprint® Music Plus are the following:

•    Provides a single location to find, purchase, and use music content (Ringtones, Ringback Tones, and Music Tracks)

o    More intuitive interface and management

o    Faster and easier to find what you want

o    More robust content

•    Provides Music Tracks with DRM-free license, allowing you to take your music tracks to any computer or MP3 compatible device

•    Provides consistent industry pricing

•    Includes an on-device library for easy view and management of purchases and settings

To access Sprint® Music Plus via Digital Lounge on, sign into your account and select the Digital Lounge tab or go to Then just browse for Ringtones, Ringback Tones, or Music Tracks as you normally would.

To access Sprint® Music Plus from your device, click the Sprint Music icon on Feature phones and you will be redirected to Sprint® Music Plus. Sprint® Music Plus will be available via Sprint Zone on Android and Blackberry devices, and will notify you of an update when the application is available for download. 

When searching for music options, you may also notice that some of the terms have changed to be consistent with industry standards. Calltones are replaced by Ringback Tones and Ringers are replaced by Ringtones. Music Tracks are also available.

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