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Sprint Offers Seniors Simplified Way to Access Senior-Friendly Apps on Their Smartphone


The Active Senior ID pack is a service designed to help simplify smartphone usage for senior citizens. Available on select Android™-powered smartphones, the Active Senior ID pack offers quick access to applications designed to enhance the smartphone experience for the active senior, all bundled in a single, simple download.

How to get it:
To get started, users simply tap on an ID icon on the bottom of their phone, select the Active Senior ID pack icon and their phone will be loaded with about 20 senior-friendly applications and services, eliminating the confusion often associated with searching for useful apps in an app store featuring 600,000+ applications. 

Applications in the Active Senior ID pack bundle allow seniors to:
• Listen to their favorite music with Slacker Radio or audio books with Audible.
• Always have important information at their fingertips from AARP, WebMD, USA Today, Yahoo Finance, Accuweather and Stock Quote.
• Never forget to take important medications on time with MedsTimer.
• Put safety first with Fall Detector and ICE (In Case of Emergency).
• Receive word-for-word captions of everything said to them on mobile phone calls with Wireless CapTel® by Sprint®.
• Keep entertained and socialize with Crossword Light and Senior Match.
• Stay in touch with family and friends with Flickr and Facebook.

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Sami Hassanyeh, SVP Digital Strategy & Operations, AARP
“We commend Sprint for creating a solution that simplifies the smartphone experience, allowing our aging population to easily obtain helpful applications for their smartphone geared toward their specific needs. I’m sure our AARP members, as well as any mature consumer, will benefit not only from our AARP application that’s included in this ID pack but also from the many other apps that were thoughtfully pieced together by Sprint for the aging demographic.”  

Kevin McGinnis, vice president of Product Platforms and Services, Sprint
“Sprint’s customer base represents a rich diversity in background, experience, culture and age. We realize that different products and services appeal to different consumers. As a socially responsible company, we strive to offer a selection of phones and services that meet the needs of all of our customers, which is why we’re pleased to offer the Active Senior ID pack to our senior customers who can benefit from useful applications conveniently pre-packaged by Sprint.”

Compatible devices:
The Active Senior ID pack is available on select Sprint ID-capable devices, including LG Viper™, LG Optimus Elite™, LG Marquee™, Motorola PHOTON™ 4G, Samsung Galaxy Victory™, Samsung Conquer™ 4G, Samsung Epic™ 4G, Samsung Galaxy S® II, Samsung Transform™, Kyocera Rise and ZTE Fury™.  

For more information about the Active Senior ID pack, visit

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Sprint ID Description:
The Active Senior ID pack is among a growing list of Sprint ID packs. Sprint ID allows consumers, on select Sprint Android-powered devices, to instantly download “ID packs” – a package of content that delivers a complete mobile experience, including applications, widgets, ringtones and wallpapers in a few simple clicks. Whether they’re a senior citizen, environmentalist, golfer, auto enthusiast, fitness fanatic, gamer or business professional, these customers can easily personalize their smartphone by downloading an ID pack with the content to fit their lifestyle.

Sprint ID packs are free to download with an Everything Data plan from Sprint. Customers with Sprint ID-capable devices can download up to five ID packs onto their device. Once an ID pack is loaded, users can easily switch between packs, swap them out for new ones, and further personalize their phone with additional apps and content. To see all ID packs visit