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Sprint TV and NBC full episodes


Sprint TV and NBC full episodes

I've used Sprint TV since I purchased my Rumor Touch in October of 2010.  Currently the NBC full episodes keep disappearing.  First was Parenthood full episodes and now Community full episodes.  I know that this isn't "really" sprint's problem, but if they could direct me to the right person or company that'd be great.  Sprint TV will be worthless if the full episodes keep disappearing.


I am not too sure why those channels were removed from the NBC lineup. I just opened up my SprintTV on my device and it asked me to upgrade and after it was complete I looked up the NBC channel and it still has full episodes of Communities and Parenthood seems to have just clips. Now I don't have the LG Rumor Touch, I have the HTC EVO. I am sure it is not device specific, but are you going thru thr On Demand feature on SprintTV?


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