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Sprint phone randomly calling people?


Sprint phone randomly calling people?

Hello All,

Been with Sprint for about 8+ years...starting late last year and all of this year I keep receiving calls from random people (mostly from my 512 area code) stating that they just "missed" a call from me.  My phone, while in the closed idle state, apparently calls random people.  None of which I know...these are total random people, not from my address book or anything.  I went to the Sprint store and they thought my phone had been "ghosted," hacked or something, so they switched something in the settings to only work on the Sprint network only and not to roam.  Still had same issue, so then they directed me to the fraud team so they could "keep track of my calls, " well, I called them, they do no such thing.  The technician did; however, have me change some kind of number in my phone by having me input a bunch of different numbers into it.  Well, it worked for about 2 months, now I'm receiving about 2-5 calls A DAY with people saying they missed a call from me.  It's gotten so bad, that I changed my voicemail to state that my phone randomly calls people and only answer the phone for people I know.

Anyone else having this issue with the Sprint Network?  Have a LG Lotus phone.

Thanks for any help!


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Re: Sprint phone randomly calling people?

I am having a similar issue...not quite the same.  When I call people in my phonebook, I sometimes get other people who answer, even though I know who I've called.  They state that I dialed some # I've never heard of.  I've also gotten the reverse where I answer a call and someone says they dialed a specific #...not mine.  It's been happening more frequent lately.

I have an HTC Hero.


Re: Sprint phone randomly calling people?

My phone sent a picture text to someone.  The person called me to say they can't receive pics and wanted to know if I needed something.  I have no idea who this person was and I never sent a picture text to anyone!  Kinda scary how our phones can just call and text strangers

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