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Telenav and not working


Telenav and not working

Tried using Telenav today and keep getting "Telenav GPS Navigation cannot generate a route at this time. Please try again." What would cause this? It worked fine once today when I was trying to figure out how long it would take me to get somewhere.  But then when I was actually ready to take my trip it didn't work.  Hope this isn't related to the Gingerbread update.  I'm using an LG Optimus S.

Also I am having a problem with Sprint Football Live.  It says there is an application update but I keep getting message that the phone doesn't have room for the update.  It should have more than enough.  Anyway, why can't I just skip the update so that I can use the app?  I don't download a lot of stuff on my phone so I don't know why the update doesn't complete.

Is there a way that I can move stuff to the SD card? Some apps doesn't give me the option to move to SD card.  Is there a way I can work around that and get things moved.  That would free up some room.


I checked the known issue tool for that device about the update, Telenav issue isn’t related to the Gingerbread update. I would say turn off the Wi-Fi(menu-settings-wireless &network-turn off Wi-Fi) power cycle and update profile and check if your GPS Navigation is working or not.

As far as memory issue on the device, I would suggest you to delete couple of Apps, Emails and, power cycle the device and then complete Sprint Football Live update and re-download apps to your phone.

Let me know.




Wifi was turned off.  Google navigation seems to work so could it still be a GPS issue.  What do you mean by update profile?

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