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Today's APPvice! Google Voice

Sprint Product Ambassador
Google offers many helpful services... and has done a wonderful job moving into the wireless device/voice services space... such as with Android, and also... Google Voice.
While some of you are probably very familiar with Google Voice, there are still those out there that are asking "what does Google Voice do” and "how" do you use it with your current phone?  It can be a bit confusing, but I'll try my best to explain.
Google voice allows you to receive all of your calls through one number.  This is very helpful if you have multiple numbers (home, work, personal cel, work cel, Skype, etc.).  Google Voice requires at least one active number to work.  For example, someone calls your Google Voice number, and it can ring one or all of your other phones.  You can not use Google Voice without having it tied to at least one number.
One of the things that I love about Google Voice is the ability to choose your own vanity number.  For example, my parents’ names are Nino and Suzie.  So, when I set up their Google Voice accounts, I chose xxx-xxx-NINO and xxx-xxx-SUZI.  Vanity numbers can be quite helpful, especially for work. Now that Google Voice is out of beta, you may want to claim your vanity number before someone else does!
Google Voice is feature-rich, and includes...

· Call Block (block annoying and/or anonymous callers)

· Do Not Disturb

· Customized Greetings (A favorite! Customize voicemail greetings based upon specific callers or caller groups. This is very helpful to differentiate greetings for a work or personal audience)

· Voicemail Transcription (Via email and/or text.)

· ListenInTM (Listen to a caller leave a message before you answer.)

· Record Call (Record calls on the fly.)

· Text Messaging

· Switch Phones (Switch handsets during a call.)

· And even more… (Click here for more information.)

Google Voice integrates wonderfully with your wireless device.  It allows you to make calls directly from your GV #, receive voicemail transcriptions via text, send/receive text messages, integration with your phone address book, customizable greetings, & more.
Sprint devices that are able to use the Google Voice App are Android and Blackberry.  You can install the app by visiting on your Android or Blackberry device.  For non-android and non-blackberry devices, you may visit to access the Google Voice core features. I suggest setting up your Google Voice account from a computer first by going to
Things to note: When using Google Voice through your wireless device, it uses minutes.  Also, Google Voice is not a cellular number, thus operates as a landline number.  Be certain that you manage your minutes accordingly based upon your current rate plan.
Coming from a family of Google Voice beta-testers, if you like to customize your calling preferences, or find any of the above-mentioned features quite helpful, you should definitely give it a try!
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