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Today's APPvice! LastPass for Android, BB, webOS, & Windows Phone

Sprint Product Ambassador


   The last password you’ll have to remember

Passwords… what can we say… safe, secure, peace of mind, privacy.  They’re great… unless you’re like me… forget your logons much?  Ha!

Today, our lives are so integrated with www that passwords and logons are everywhere.  It seems that nearly every site we frequent has a login and password.    Who can keep up with it all?  Not only that, what about choosing a password that is secure enough?  Your data is precious and needs secure protection.

If you can relate, LastPass is a solution you should look into.  After creating a LastPass account, it is can be the last password you’ll have to remember!   LastPass manages the logons and passwords for the sites you frequent.

Below are screenshots of LastPass on Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone, and Palm webOS...





Some of the features include…

· One Master Password

· Automatic Form Filling (this one is my favorite.  It fills out forms and credit card data based upon my profile)

· One Click Login

· Securing Your Data

· Synchronization across browsers (including all of our Smartphone platforms with LastPass Premium)

· Storing Secure Notes

· And much more!

To access LastPass on your Sprint SmartPhone, you need a premium account which is only $1 a month. Definitely worth it, in my opinion.

I’ve had success with LastPass, and highly recommended it!