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Today's APPvice! for Blackberry

Sprint Product Ambassador


Meeting makers… truly the way of our times. The ability to see when our coworkers’ calendars are busy or free is so helpful with planning our time, wouldn’t you say? 

However, what if you need to meet with someone outside of the workplace? Viewing calendar data for others can be a challenge. You probably find yourself engaging in back and forth emails just to find that right “time & date” for all parties. I am sure you know this game all too well! Smiley Wink

Tungle to the rescue! With, we have “scheduling made easy.”

blackberry_main.jpg is a scheduling application that syncs with your existing calendar… Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, Entourage, Google Calendar, Lotus Notes and Blackberry. It offers hassle-free scheduling, as Tungle will work through different time zones, availabilities, and weed through replies.

After installing on your Sprint Blackberry and signing in, it easily syncs with your calendar. You can view your page at For me, I have it set so that others can see my calendar availability to allow for scheduling.



“Inbound Scheduling” is where people can visit your page and schedule multiple times with you. You are able to select the time that works best and confirm at your discretion.

“Outbound Scheduling” allows you to send an invitation proposing multiple calendar times. Tungle will handle all replies, add the final event to your calendar, and send out confirmations to invitees.

Finally, there is a service that bridges the gap between the many different calendar platforms that our colleagues, clients, partners, friends, and family members use. It truly is... Scheduling Made Easy!” is a delightful time-saving, productive app that Blackberry users should find quite helpful. I encourage you to give it a try!

tungle-round-small.pngDownload for Blackberry here.

BTW, it’s free!  
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