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Today's APPvice! ZumoDrive

Sprint Product Ambassador


Welcome to part 2 of the 3-part cloud storage series. Today’s cloud storage app features ZumoDrive. ZumoDrive is a smart, useful app that allows access to your files from almost any device, including Sprint Android and WebOS devices.

I was turned onto ZumoDrive last year while searching for a reliable, user-friendly, secure cloud storage service that would enable access to my files while out and about. A trusted friend in the IT world recommended ZumoDrive and I’ve been hooked ever since.






With ZumoDrive you can access your media (music, photos, videos), documents, and more from virtually any device. ZumoDrive allows you to “link” your existing folders to ZumoDrive. By linking your folders, you then are able to access those same folders and files from any device that has ZumoDrive on it. For example, on my home computer I have linked several folders. As a result, I am able to access the files in those folders from my phone as they are synced to ZumoDrive.

ZumoDrive also plays well with iPhoto, Picasa, and your pictures folder. Instead of carrying your pictures in your wallet, you can show off your kids and pets from the ZumoDrive app on your device.





Another nice feature of ZumoDrive is the ability to share content. ZumoDrive has a “Trusted User List” that you share with and maintain from within your ZumoDrive account.

Speaking of accounts, when you create a ZumoDrive account, you first receive a 1gb of storage for free. You can easily bump that up to 2gb by completing ZumoDrive tutorials. The tutorials are fun to do and very helpful, as well. In addition, you have the ability to earn up to 5gb of free storage by inviting people to ZumoDrive. Power user? You may want to invest in purchasing some space. The cost is affordable and worth it! Visit for more details.

You may download ZumoDrive to your Android or WebOS device by following these links…