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Top Five Indie Games Every Android Device Should Have


Written by Mark Starr, mobile app enthusiast.

It’s safe to say that cell phones are quickly becoming one of the preeminent platforms for gaming.  Today’s devices have larger screens, faster processors, and great portability which allow you to take your gaming experience with you wherever you go. And with the popularity of games like Angry Birds, Draw Something, and Words with Friends, our customers are discovering that their cell phones are not just great web browsers and text messengers, but that they can also take amazing photos and provide maximum entertainment with TV and mobile games.

The Google play™ market has an ever-growing number of Android games available.  And while there are numerous well-known developers out there producing some great popular titles, I’d like to take the opportunity to share five of my favorite indie games with you today.  I think you’ll find that most (if not all) of these games will appeal to any age of gamer because they’re all very easy to pick up and play just about anywhere.  A couple of these titles even harken back to the early days of the Atari 2600 with their amazing retro graphics.          

EDGE Extended (Mobigame S.A.R.L.) - $1.99

EDGE Extended is a severely addictive retro-feeling game where you use your finger to push a 3D cube around a geometric universe.  The levels start off quite simple and get harder as you progress. While you may find yourself slightly frustrated by the “touchiness” of the cube in the beginning, you’ll discover that you quickly become infinitely better at the game.  After each level you’ll be given a score.  You can either attempt to improve the score or simply move on to the next level.  This may sound like an overly simple game, but I can assure you that no other game in the last year has captured (and held) my attention quite like EDGE Extended.

Edge Extended.png

Osmos HD (Hemisphere Games) - $2.99

Video games are generally fast-paced with high energy and excitement.  However, Osmos HD takes you in the exact opposite direction.  In this game, you are a mote floating around in an amalgamation of space and petri dish to absorb smaller motes than you.  Once you’ve absorbed enough matter to become the largest mote, you are a winner!  The music is more than half the fun here as well as this is a great game to fall asleep to (in a good way).  In fact, after the occasional hectic day here at the office, I will go home and play this game with my headphones on and suddenly everything is good with the world again.  

Osmos HD.png

Cordy (Silvertree Media) – Freemium

As a lover of great game graphics, Cordy was one of the first mobile games I ever fell in love with.  Cordy is a cute little robot, and your job is to help him power up the world around him.  With basic actions of running, jumping, grabbing, and turning, you’ll find that Cordy’s world becomes more and more compelling as time goes on. The clock is always tracking your time and the work needed to complete your stages get harder each time.  Please note that there are only a couple levels that come free here, but I feel pretty confident you’ll want to take the Cordy journey even further.  


Crazy Snowboard ( - Free

Whether you like it or not, winter is quickly approaching! While many of us choose to hibernate during this time, others like to pull out their snowboards and hit the mountains.  However, if you don’t live anywhere near the mountains (or even steep hills), let this game vicariously take you there.  Similar to a first person shooter game, Crazy Snowboard follows you down the mountain as you launch into some pretty amazing tricks over rails and launch pads.  Watch out for the trees and don’t over-extend your flips or you might just end up face down in a world of pain. 

Crazy Snowboard.png

Commander Pixman (Noodlecake Studios) - Free

When I was a kid, I loved my Atari 2600.  I used to dream about getting one and the day I got it my life changed forever.  While those games look extremely comical today, they provided hours of entertainment for me.  Commander Pixman takes that vintage gaming aesthetic and makes it something you can quickly and easily pick up today.  There’s nothing difficult about figuring out this game.  It’s as simple as running, jumping, and shooting, and the first few levels will seem comical at first.  But make no mistake about it; this is one game that will have you going back time and time again.  And it’s free on Google play™ so how can you go wrong.  Go ahead!  Flash back in time… 

Commander Pixman.png