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Video APPs For EVO4G needed!


Video APPs For EVO4G needed!

i see apple utilized facetime i get that the EVO is the better phone and possibly better camera specs, but i dont think Qik and Fring are good enough. i have read through forums AND searched through google that there is some video call apps coming later this year or sometime 2011. im not sure if its true but i read that Skype will merge their partnership with other carriers including Sprint to host their apps. i dont see why they were limiting themselves to Verizon and i dont see any phones that have a front facing camera (correct me if i am wrong) they possess. even so it's not better than the EVO in my mind. ooVoo another desktop video conference program is allegedly doing the same soon will these apps be available?


Re: Video APPs For EVO4G needed!

I'm sure Sprint will get right on that...just like they did with regards to introducing apps for the Samsung Instinct.   *note the sarcasm*

Don't get me wrong...I do agree with you that such apps would be great, but I have absolutely NO FAITH in Sprint doing anything that will benefit the end user.  After all, so far...every attempt of theirs has been an EPIC FAIL!  So why would they bother doing so and succeeding here?

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: Video APPs For EVO4G needed!

Actually, I can promise and guarantee you that Sprint will not develop a Video chat app for Android; Sprint isn't an Android app developer.

However, the really cool thing about Android phones is that *anyone* can write and deliver apps for the Android phones.  Find a company that provides a similar feature or function, and ask them to make an Android version.  Or brush up on Java coding, download the free developer toolkit and write your own app.  You can sell it in the Marketplace or give it away free.

Android rocks.

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee
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