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Vlingo for Android with In Car Mode Review

Sprint Product Ambassador

Vlingo has been one of the leaders in speech to text and now text to speech, and now has an update out with a new In Car mode, exclusively on Sprint.  In Car mode sits quietly and listens until you call out ‘Hey Vlingo!’ – then you can place a call, send a text message, update Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare, get answers, search for stuff and a whole lot more.  It works best in the car with a Bluetooth headset – but Bluetooth is only supported with Android 2.2, so it’s great for the HTC Evo.  The Epic works fine in a quiet environment; I haven’t tested it on the road yet.

Setup was fairly easy – you download and install the app, connect it to your social media accounts use oAuth, and set up a desktop widget for control over the app.  The interface is fast and responsive with BIG buttons if you do have to reach over and tap something.  When you set it in Car Mode, there’s no touching needed – you can control everything with your voice.

The only drawback I’ve seen is speed to execute – there is some lag as Vlingo sends your speech up to the servers for processing, then returns the text.  The lag is far less when you are connected to a WiFi or Sprint 4G network.

Overall a great app, and free too!

Vlingo shows an in-car demo in this video:

And I tested the app at my desk for a few minutes on the Samsung Epic: