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VoIP over 3G


VoIP over 3G

This may have already been discussed.  I have a VoIP app for my Hero, which is very handy in situations where I have poor tower connection, but excellent WiFi.  It can be a pain, however, to change all the settings back and forth in one location especially.  So, what I wonder is this:  Does Sprint allow me to use the 3G network (i.e. the mobile broadband) to make a VoIP call?  Or, is this a violation of terms of service?

Thank you.  I see that JPSquared answered a similar question earlier, but I am not sure his answer applies to this question.


VoIP over 3G

A 3G connection does not give you enough of a constant quality stream of data to support VOIP.



VoIP over 3G

I've used "Groove IP" on my Evo and did VOIP using 3G without any issues, As have many customers I've spoke with.

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