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Whats next?


Whats next?

So I sure was proud of being the first person in Fargo to have walked out of the Sprint store on Tuesday morning with my new Epic, looking forward to being able to watch NFL while at work.  Little did I know that Sprint let that service go.  And the best part is, unless I am missing it somewhere, I dont even have the option to pay to watch!  So after $375 later, look who the fool is, its me!  Slick trick Sprint, charge an extra $10 a month and provide less services.  So to have YouTube access cut off, is that going to cost another $5 a month?!

So does Sprint plan on adding other services to justify the $10 a month?

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Re: Whats next?

Sprint Football Live has replaced the former NFL network app.  You're still able to get your NFL updates; please see the message I posted at!


Re: Whats next?

Ok thank you for backing up my point about providing less and charging more. So I take it by that link, that you are implying that Sprint has no plans on making good on the matter?  What is the next service that gets axed accompanied with a rate hike?


Re: Whats next?

Sprint did not just "Let NFL go" their exclusive contract ran out, Sprint was paying $120 million to have exclusive rights to it, When their contract ran out Verizon bid $750 Million to have exclusive rights to it. There was really nothing Sprint could do to keep it.


Re: Whats next?

Sprint has really turned into a scam....ok I go to a Nascar race and get the "discount" for the headsets only to find I got charged full price...on my old instinct I used to get the NFL network which isn't available in my area...and was able to watch all Thursday night games or at least listen to the Nfl app is slow no sound and it just stinks! Premiere customers beware! HTC Hero google phone is really lacking compared to the instinct in my opinion....

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