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Why not have the same features for text restrictions as for voice restrictions????


Why not have the same features for text restrictions as for voice restrictions????

Since Sprint does not offer "Sprint Mobile Controls" for iphone 4s? Why don't they offer the same features they do for text messages for voice calls. I want to block my teenager on days she may be "grounded/on restriction" from calling or texting her friends, but I do want to her to have the ability to text or call myself and her dad or any other emergency contact I set. Why will Sprint only allow text to function that way? It doesn't make sense. If I want to block her friends I have to block everyone one on her contact. Being this is a teenager we are talking about she has more than 50 contacts. This is ridiculous, especially since the Mobile Controls is only offered to Android phones, to top it off.

My preferences

Allow access to my account

Block apps & digital media downloads

Restrict Wireless Web Access

One touch settings

Block texts----Allow only these numbers for inbound and outbound text messages whomever parents/Guardian decides... GREAT FEATURE!!!!!!!

Block pictures and videos

Block data



Block texts

Allow only these numbers for inbound and outbound text messages

You can allow inbound and outbound text messages for up to 50 numbers. Enter each 10- to 19-digit phone number, 4- to 8-digit short code, email address, or domain address (e.g. below.

Block voice

Block only the following phone numbers for inbound and outbound calls

  You can block inbound and outbound calls for up to 50 phones numbers. Enter each 10 digit phone number below or quickly add numbers you've previously blocked by accessing your archive list (archive list numbers will be saved for 90 days).Add one by oneAdd number


For Text Messages, you can block ALL INBOUND and OUTBOUND text messages ... Block all text messages inbound and outbound <-- theres the option for that (I have 3 iphone 4s)

For Phone Calls, to block inbound and outbound phone calls, you need to call customer service it states.

For Pics & Video - Can be done on the website

For Data - Can Be done on website

Also, please note, that Blocking all text does not block the iMessage feature (She has to be connected to wifi for this feature to work)

Along with Internet, if She is connected to wifi, she will still have access to internet.

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