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Already tired of the winter blues? Pull your brain out of its hibernation state and challenge yourself with a freshly squeezed gaming app. Juice Cubes (released in October) is a deliciously addicting game that will whisk you off to tropical islands filled with hours of satisfying fruit puzzles. Test your matching skills by drawing lines vertically, horizontally and diagonally to connect as many colored cubes as possible. Link more than three cubes and you’ll unlock bonuses like exploding fruit that will clear your board and rack up points. But beware – tempting blasting power must be used wisely in order to meet the end goals of the level.

As you slice and dice your way through the island levels, you’ll encounter mermaids, pirates, witches and other crazy tropical inhabitants along the way. Sounds easy, right? With over 215 bright and vibrant levels, Juice Cubes has a simple concept but gets increasingly harder as the levels progress, with specific goals to achieve at each level. The initial 10 levels will fly by with ease – but don’t get too confident – this is just a warm up. Stir things up by connecting your Facebook account and race your friends to the finish. The app is free to play, but you may want to pay a little extra for boosters and charms to move along faster. Overall, Juice Cubes is a satisfying treat for the mind to keep you captivated, at least until spring.


App name: Juice Cubes

Price: Free


  • Over 215 fruity levels filled with challenging puzzles.
  • Connect multiple juicy cubes to create fruit explosions.
  • Island hop through a tropical paradise meeting pirates, mermaids, witches and other characters along the way.
  • Simple concept makes it easy to pick up, but difficult to master.
  • Unlock exciting new islands and beat tough levels with the help of boosters and charms.
  • Connect to Facebook and race your friends to the finish.

Download here:


Eating healthy and working out are popular New Year’s resolutions, but what about getting more sleep? Rest and relaxation should be part of our health and fitness routine, but it’s difficult when you find yourself tossing and turning and certain sleep aids you've tried don’t work. This year, stop counting sheep and reach for your phone to turn insomnia into sweet dreams. Relax Melodies is a popular (and free) relaxation and sleep aid app that lulls you into a world of high-quality white noise sounds, music melodies and customizable mixes. With the help of 46 different sounds, you can create your own sleep/relaxation mix by selecting soothing harmonies you like, such as rain, thunder, wind chimes, birds chirping and more. Naturally fall into a relaxed state and rise feeling refreshed and calm. Set the timer to snooze for a specific duration or use the alarm feature to wake you peacefully when you’re ready. If you create a melody you love, simple save it as a favorite for later.

Sounds machines are certainly effective in lulling you to sleep, but have a sizable price tag to accommodate. This free version is worth a try and its high ratings prove to be effective. The app is also handy to pull out in any situation where you need a relaxing break, like meditation or a massage. Put aside some quiet time and make a restful night’s sleep a priority in 2014 with this must-have app.


App name: Relax Melodies

Price: Free


  • 46 high-quality ambient sounds, including 2 binaural beats frequencies for brainwave entrainment.
  • Mix your favorite sounds & music together with different volumes to create your own personal melodies. Includes 8 pre-mixed melodies for easy startup.
  • Create, save, sort and replay your favorites easily.
  • Set time duration to your favorite mixes or an alarm when you’re ready to wake up.
  • Enjoy a beautiful user interface for easy navigation and sound selection.


While the holidays are filled with sparkle, toasting, gifting and giving, they can be a little harsh on your wallet (and waistline).  Cut back on spending with an app that offers savings while shopping. Eureka is a unique, convenient shopping tool that alerts you to instant deals and discounts from major brands and local shops in one seamless app. Unbeatable bargains and shopping coupons are posted every day, so you’ll have new chances to save with each shopping trip. Avoid carrying around masses of coupons and loyalty cards and store them conveniently on your phone. Elated about a sweet deal? Share your favorite bargains with friends and family by connecting to your social account. Organization is crucial during the holidays to keep you sane. Keep track of your shopping to-do’s, wish lists and ideas by creating lists and searching deals specific to your listed items. This app is an all-in-one shopping and saving tool that you’ll need to keep all year long.

The holidays don’t have to be stressful and expensive. Save time and money and find the best prices that’ll make you a happy, savvy shopper.


App name: Eureka

Price: Free


  • Find deals on your favorite products and redeem them instantly.
  • View deals and locate the nearest merchant where the offer is accepted.
  • Navigate, read reviews and ratings, and find phone numbers and store locations.
  • Save or share your favorite offers with your friends and family.
  • Scan and load savings cards on your device, providing a seamless shopping experience.
  • Store offers to access anytime, anywhere!
  • Create and store shopping lists, vacation reminders, to-do’s, etc. Browse for coupons related to each list and save on the things that you want/need.



Spread some holiday cheer with delightful tones this season with Sprint Music Plus – a full-featured music store and player for tracks, ringtones and ringback tones. Just in time for the holidays, get a FREE one month trial of ringback tone service plus a FREE ringback tone with the app. It's the perfect offer for any music lover!

With Sprint Music Plus, you can easily find your favorite music and browse, preview and download tracks to your Sprint phone. Quickly browse by artist, song title or keyword and preview millions of tracks and tones that are available for download, including DRM-free tracks. Manage all your tunes via the music library manager and add recommendations to your wish list based on your music taste. Download tunes with a few taps and have it billed to your Sprint account later. Want your friends to be entertained with tunes when they call? Check out the latest ringtones and assign ringback tones for different callers. Make this season merry with festive sounds from Sprint Music Plus.


App name: Sprint Music Plus

Price: Free


  • Search for music by artist, title or keyword, and preview millions of music tracks and tones.
  • Organize full tracks and albums by artist, genre and create playlists using the music library manager.
  • Check out and purchase the latest ringtones.
  • Assign ringback tones for different callers.
  • Get recommendations on music tracks you might enjoy based on your music preferences.

More info:

Download: Frustratedpri...


They’re baaack! The addicting and highly anticipated sequel to Plants vs. Zombies is back with more super-charged plants and zombie-battling power. Plants vs. Zombies 2 takes you back in time on an adventure with Crazy Dave where you’ll meet and defeat zombies along the way. This addicting touchscreen experience brings fresh gameplay elements to those who loved the original, yet is simple enough for newbies to solve. Strategically plant an army of defensive shrub to keep the undead at bay while you complete each level. Unlock new fighting plants and additional bonuses along the way as you breakdown brain-teasing challenges. Don’t let your defenses down! Feed your botanical friends super-charged plant food to keep them healthy and fierce. Collect coins to purchase additional plant food and special power-ups that allow you to pinch, flick or zap burdensome zombies. Get your garden started! Protect your brains, grab your fertilizer and shovel, and defend your world from zombies.


App name: Plants vs. Zombies 2

Price: Free


  • Powerful new plants that will defend your lawn from the undead.
  • Dozens of new zombies added.
  • Supercharge your floral friends with healthy doses of Plant Food.
  • Fire up amazing powers to pinch, flick and zap zombies.
  • Defeat brain-teasing challenges that will test your zombie-zapping skills.
  • Gather keys to play valuable side missions and collect coins to purchase power-ups.
  • Look out! Zombie chickens!

Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 - Android Apps on Google Play


Ready to fight the good fight? Assemble your ultimate team of superheroes to battle the world’s most dangerous villains to take back the power. Grab your armor – Marvel War of Heroes is the addicting mission-driven card-battle game you’ll want to suit up for. As an agent for S.H.I.E.L.D, your assignment is to build your own unique team of superheroes, featuring Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man and more and prep for the many combat scenarios you’ll face. Solve the mystery of iso-8 and battle other players around the world, completing missions and earning cards to build your ideal fighting deck. Strategize wisely and save your energy level for critical crusades, you’ll need it! Sell cards you no longer need or partake in missions to earn precious silver. You’ll need to save some coin to upgrade cards and build alliances with other players. Keep one hero card close to protect in each battle in case of a loss so it doesn't get stolen. Bring your friends in on the action and team up with allies on your level or rally players to earn more points. Deliver the world from evil with the ultimate hero team on your side!


App name: Marvel War of Heroes

Price: Free


  • Featuring Marvel characters, including Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye.
  • Fast-paced card-battle action. Build your own unique deck to defeat Marvel Super Villains.
  • Original art by Marvel artists.
  • New cards and events added on a constant basis.
  • Team up with other players to defeat powerful enemies.


Safety is priceless, especially when you’re behind the wheel. Give distracted driving the red light with the FREE Sprint Drive First app.

This intuitive app keeps your focus on the road, sending calls to voicemail and silencing text and email alerts. Once your vehicle reaches 10 mph, Drive First detects the motion and automatically locks your phone, keeping your concentration on the road. Auto-reply, customizable messages are sent if a text is received, letting the person know that you’re behind the wheel. Keeping safety as a top priority, emergency calls to 911 can override the app in urgent situations. Worried about missing important calls from parents or your child? Flexible preferences allow up to 5 phone numbers to ring while driving so you can still stay in touch. Need to get directions or check the weather? Choose up to 3 apps that work while the phone is locked. When the app no longer detects motion, the phone is automatically unlocked and full functionality resumes. The app does take into account stop-and-go traffic, so you’ll need to be sitting idle for a few minutes before your phone unlocks.

Drive First not only teaches safe driving habits, it can save lives. Before you buckle up, download this app to keep distractions out of sight.


App name: Drive First

Price: Free


  • Available for Sprint Android™-powered smartphones for FREE.
  • Detects motion over 10 mph and automatically locks your phone.
  • Directs incoming calls to voicemail and silences distracting text and email alerts.
  • Automatically replies to texts with a customizable message, informing the person that you are on the road.
  • Allows emergency 911 calls while driving.
  • Choose up to 5 phone numbers that can ring through when the phone is locked.
  • Allows up to 3 apps to function while driving, such as navigation, music or weather.
  • Phone automatically unlocks after motion stops.


Dream as big as a skyscraper, or simply build it yourself! The high-rising popularity of the game Megapolis will put you in control of the blueprint as you design your dream cityscape.

To make it big, you’ll have to start small. Begin the game by building residential and commercial areas and generating revenue, and then expand your construction across a blank canvas of land. The strategy for this game is to build a well-resourced, beautiful city with a happy population and not run out of funds fast. Rolling out businesses like restaurants, movie theaters and bowling allies bring population, but also get taxed on a regular basis, so you’ll need to plan ahead financially. Energy levels are critical to power your towers, so take the time to consider the right amount electricity resources to keep your sites running smoothly.

While you’re waiting for construction to complete, accomplish quests and other tasks that add rewards and help you progress faster. Accrue megabucks to purchase materials and continue the expansion of your city into a megalopolitan. Megapolis is not just about building a pretty city; it’s about making it fully functional and connected which makes the game a lot of fun!


App name: Megapolis

Price: Free


  • Manage and build your own city! Design and develop primary infrastructure such as airports, railroads, power plants, and residential and commercial areas.
  • Trade materials and make friends with your neighbors. Challenge friends to building successful cities nearby.
  • Features realistic 3D graphics and world famous architecture.
  • More than 500 buildings and sites and hundreds of construction materials.
  • Expand your city across land and sea with challenging tasks and rewards for success.

Megapolis - Android Apps on Google Play


Looking for a new challenge to keep your brain busy? Cage your boredom and rescue fluffy friends with the latest popular block-busting game from King developers: Pet Rescue Saga. Candy Crush Saga addicts beware – This game has many similarities that will keep you glued to the appeasing sounds and hypnotizing colors for hours. The mission is simple but gets increasingly harder as the levels move on: Match sets of colors to clear the blocks and free the critters trapped within. Every level has a new, challenging objective to keep you guessing, like blockades, bombs, locked blocks and pets trapped in carriers. The game is completely free to play, but you can expedite the release of furballs with in-game purchases such as extra moves, extra lives and boosters. If you connect the game to your Facebook account, you can receive additional help and extra lives from friends at no cost. If you’re looking for a stimulating screen-tapping time killer, Pet Rescue Saga will keep you immersed in a mission that you won’t want to quit.


App name: Pet Rescue Saga

Price: Free


  • Experience a world alive with your favorite pets (Puppies, bunnies, piglets and more).
  • Easy to pick up and play with hours of entertainment and over 70 challenging levels.
  • Dazzling, colorful visuals and sound.
  • Get rewarded for completing challenges with boosters and bonuses.
  • Strategize each level and discover new challenges along the way.
  • Sync with Facebook and compete with your friends on the leaderboard.

Pet Rescue Saga - Android Apps on Google Play


Ready for a fresh music experience? Tune into Slacker Radio for millions of songs, thousands of artists and infinite personalization right from your device. It’s an all-inclusive music service that you’ll want to plug you headphones in to. Get access anytime, anywhere to the latest music – for free! Create your own custom stations or let Slacker do the personalization for you. Upgrade to a subscription anytime for a commercial-free listening experience and on-demand access to songs and stations. Put together a sweet mix of channels, playlists, news and sports talk on-the-go with no monthly listening limits. Tired of hearing a particular song? Easily personalize by ‘hearting’ or ‘banning’ songs that you want to hear more or less of. With Slacker Radio, you’ll surprise yourself with the latest song and artist discoveries!


App name: Slacker Radio

Price: Free


  • Download and listen for free, with no monthly listening limits
  • Heart and Ban tracks to easily personalize your music
  • Hundreds of expert-programmed stations
  • Create custom stations and playlists with your favorite artists and songs
  • Subscribe for commercial-free experience with unlimited song skips
  • Play songs, albums and artists on demand and download your favorite songs on your Android (Subscription only)

Slacker Radio - Android Apps on Google Play

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EVOShift_Front_noapps (375x640).jpg

Sprint’s corporate responsibility program, Sprint Good WorksSM, is guided by the principle that doing the right thing is good business. That’s why we are committed to ensuring that our products and services are used in a responsible manner.

Sprint recognizes the risk our customers and others face when they drive distracted. Since 2005 we’ve taken a proactive position to provide awareness and education about the dangers of distracted driving, as well as technology solutions to promote better driving behaviors. In fact, yesterday was Drive 4 Pledges Day, when Sprint joined with other wireless carriers and the It Can Wait campaign to urge people to share their commitment to never text and drive.

We’re pleased to announce that starting today our Sprint Drive First application is available to our customers for FREE. There was previously a monthly fee.

Available for Sprint Android™-powered smartphones, Sprint Drive First automatically locks the mobile phone when a car is moving more than 10 mph, disabling phone functionality, directing incoming calls to voicemail and silencing distracting alerts for emails and text messages.

If the driver is using the phone when Sprint Drive First engages, the call will end and the phone lock screen will appear. Anyone texting the driver will receive an automated message indicating the person they texted is driving. The message is customizable by the account holder.

A locked device displays a home screen with exit and emergency 911 buttons to override the app. Sprint Drive First can be overridden if the user is a passenger in a car, on a bus or train, but the parent or account holder can choose to receive notifications when the service is overridden.

Users can choose to program up to five phone numbers to ring through when the phone is locked as well as allowing functionality of three apps, such as navigation, music or weather.

When the application no longer detects movement it unlocks and full device functionality resumes. Sprint Drive First takes into account stop-and-go traffic, so the driver needs to be sitting idle for a few minutes before it will unlock.

To download Sprint Drive First for free, visit Google Play.

To learn more about Sprint’s Focus on Driving efforts, visit


Game day is here! Whether you’re following your favorite teams on the road, on TV or on your phone, getting the score is crucial when it’s a close game. With ESPN ScoreCenter, you’ll get up-to-the-minute scores and news on your teams all season long. This highly popular (and free) app recently got an upgrade, serving you personalized scoreboards, breaking news, alerts and video highlights on demand. Easily add your teams to your favorites to see the latest scores and headlines. With a simple tap you can pull up game recaps, stats and player line-ups. Catch post-game highlights and videos and share with friends by connecting to your social network. From football to baseball, soccer to tennis and much more – ScoreCenter provides up-to-the-minute sports news, top stories and information wherever, whenever on your phone or tablet. Never again wonder what the score is while you’re away! This app is a must-have for any sports fanatic looking for the latest field stats.


App name: ESPN ScoreCenter

Price: Free


  • Get personalized scoreboards, news and video highlights from your favorite teams.
  • Expanded game views with in-depth game coverage.
  • Breaking news, scores and top stories.
  • Scoring alerts for your favorite teams sent directly to your phone or tablet.
  • Search previous scores and see calendars for upcoming games.
  • Share your favorite games and videos with friends.

ScoreCenter - Android Apps on Google Play


Are you in the mood for a satisfying puzzle? Perhaps one that isn't frustrating with missing points and losing levels, rather a calming, logical game that’s a good exercise for the mind. Color Zen is a new puzzle experience that is simple, relaxing, and addicting. The objective is simple: Drag and combine colorful shapes and patterns into one to match the border color surrounding it. Sounds easy, right? Each color combination creates an explosion of color across the screen, making it captivating and fun to watch. Don’t worry challenge seekers; this puzzle will get harder along the way, with obstacles that require strategic thinking. Don’t stress about keeping score or getting penalized for mistakes, simply restart the level if you don’t get a match. This game is less frustrating and more calming, making it an addicting game you won’t want to put down.  Just plug in your headphones and get carried away by the soothing sounds and blending of colors. It’s even color-blind friendly. With its timeless, beautiful and stunning graphics, you’ll feel relaxed and entertained while your mind is clear and focused. Just sit back, relax, and take your time exploring color!


App name: Color Zen

Price: Free on  Android devices


  • Simple yet addicting puzzle game: Match colorful shapes and fill the entire screen with the same color as the border to clear each level.
  • A perfect puzzler for all ages. Complete 120 levels within 6 chapters.
  • There is no ‘losing’ – Simply restart the level if you don’t get a match.
  • Plug in your headphones and enjoy soothing music, making this puzzle game a pleasure.
  • Beautiful graphics and shapes make this puzzle captivating.

Color Zen - Android Apps on Google Play


A new school year has finally begun and family schedules are filling up fast. Keeping track of your kid’s homework, permission slips, class schedules, sports and practice times can be a little hectic. What if you could keep track of their location at all times? With Sprint Family Locator you can take one thing off your to-do list: worry. This app will save your sanity by locating your kids safely at school, practice or at a friend’s house. The GPS locator allows you to locate any phone on your Sprint account in real-time, so you always know where your family members are. View locations instantly on an interactive map from your phone or computer and make sure they arrived safely at the bus stop or at school. Get a text or email notification when they arrive home or to any destination you've set. Check in to see if they’re doing homework by sending free text messages within the app itself. As parents, we have enough to worry about, so before you send them off on their own, get Sprint Family Locator to stay in-the-know. A peace of mind is priceless!


App name: Sprint Family Locator

Price: Try it FREE for 15 days (It’s $5 a month after that & the charge will appear on your monthly Sprint bill).


  • Locate any Sprint phone on your account (up to 4 phones) – No additional software or installation needed.
  • Find lost or stolen phones anytime.
  • See your child’s location in real time on an interactive map.
  • Send unlimited text messages from within the Sprint Family Locator app. FrustratedprintFamilyLocator:08242013


Need a moment to relax, stretch and find your zen? Create your own vinyasa flow by simply reaching in your pocket. Pocket Yoga allows you to practice yoga at your own pace and within the comforts of your home, office, back yard or while you’re on the go. Place your phone or tablet near your mat and get pose-by-pose instructions through each session. Move into each flow with voice guidance or visuals, and view descriptions on each pose along with its benefits. Beginners or advanced yogis can experiment with difficulty levels that vary in focus and intensity. Looking for a power workout or a stretching session? Pocket Yoga offers 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions or Sun Salutations as a warm up. Designed by experienced yoga instructors, you can rest assured that the poses you’re doing include the correct posture and positioning to avoid injury. Find peace through your own soundtrack or let the app pick a soothing track for you. Need a reminder for what sessions you've done? The app keeps a history log of your sessions so you can stay consistent with your practice. There’s no need to keep paying for expensive yoga classes. With Pocket Yoga’s helpful visuals and clear instruction, you’ll find a serenity lesson almost anywhere you go. Namaste!


App name: Pocket Yoga

Price: $2.99


  • Choose from 3 different practice styles, 3 different difficulty levels and 3 different durations. A combined total of 27 different sessions.
  • Get detailed voice and visual instruction that guides you through each pose, including inhales and exhales.
  • Includes over 150 pose images with correct posture and positioning.
  • Provides the description of each pose and benefits.
  • Tracks progress to maintain consistency.
  • Flows designed by experienced yoga instructors.
  • Play peaceful music from the app or play your own from your music library.
  • Available on phones or tablets.

Pocket Yoga - Android Apps on Google Play


Racers: Start your engines and buckle up for this whizzing, racing experience. Real Racing 3 puts you in the driver’s seat of your dream car and on the competitive race track. With over 50 real-world, competitive models to choose from and a wide variety of race tracks, you can put your wheels on speedways across the world. Collect points after each race that will bump your driver status towards ‘Expert’. Earn coins to save up for your next ride or purchase a racing spot in elite events. But spend wisely – This game includes real motor challenges, like persistent car damage and routine maintenance needed on your vehicle that cost coins. Choose your challenge and race your friends in cup races, speed challenges, drag races, sprints or eliminations. Compete on real tracks like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Mount Panorama in Australia. Enjoy the luxury of a Mint™ 3 Engine, fully functioning rear view mirrors, and camera angles for a realistic view from the cockpit. This game is a must-have for those looking for an adrenaline rush and the need for speed!


App name: Real Racing 3

Price: Free


  • Features a wide variety of tracks, an expanded 22-car grid, and over 50 fast cars to choose from, featuring manufacturers like Porsche, Lamborghini, Dodge, Bently, Mercedes-Benz and Audi.
  • Easily handle sharp turns and bumps by tilting your device to steer and tapping the screen to brake.
  • Compete in over 1000 events like cup races, eliminations, endurance challenges, and drag races.
  • Race against friends with Time Shifted Multiplayer™ (TSM) technology and social integration. This allows you to race anyone, anytime, anywhere!
  • Stunning graphics and highly-detailed visuals give you a realistic racing experience.

Real Racing 3 - Android Apps on Google Play


It’s almost time to load backpacks, pack lunches, board buses and head back to school! Before buying school supplies, consider these smart (and free) apps that won’t take up locker space.


Price: Free

Stumble across a word like ‘pseudonym’ and you might need a little assistance pronouncing or understanding its meaning. is a fast reference app for everything you ever need to know about the English language. Look up definitions, check spelling, hear pronunciation and find synonyms in a flash with this must-have app of knowledge.


  • English Dictionary and Thesaurus—over 2,000,000 definitions, synonyms & antonyms.
  • Daily content including Word of the Day, the Hot Word & Slideshows.
  • Audio pronunciations.
  • Idiom, phrases, word origin & history.
  • Voice search.
  • Medical, legal & financial content.
  • Abbreviations, acronyms & slang content. - Android Apps on Google Play



Price: $1.99

WolframAlpha gets you answers. It’s that simple! This app is a versatile search tool for all your computational needs. Enter a question and WolframAlpha answers with equations, chemical formulas, facts, statistics and charts in seconds.


While the functionality of this app is very basic, the features and capabilities are far too numerous to list. In summary, WolframAlpha contains 10+ trillion pieces of data, 50,000+ types of algorithms and models, and linguistic capabilities for 1000+ domains. How’s that for homework help?

WolframAlpha - Android Apps on Google Play

Catch Notes

Catch Notes.png

Price: Free

Stranded without paper and a pen? Organize all your ideas, notes, reminders and check lists in one app on your phone. Capture your thoughts and notes across all your devices, and compare notes with friends to collaborate. Your ideas are recorded and automatically backed up, so you’ll never forget!


  • Record ideas instantly with voice, photos, or text notes.
  • Make tasks and check lists private or share with friends.
  • Set reminders for important dates.
  • Use #tags to label and easily locate notes.
  • Automatically backup notes across all your devices.
  • Protect private ideas with a 4-digit PIN.

Catch Notes - Android Apps on Google Play



Price: Free

Keep your phone or tablet clutter-free and store your stuff in your own cloud. Pogoplug offers 5GB of free cloud storage, enabling you to store, stream and share your files wherever you go.


  • Automatically backup photos, files and videos from your mobile device to your Pogoplug cloud.
  • Easily share your cloud files with friends through email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • Stream video, music and photos from the cloud to your phone.
  • Need more space? Expand your storage by purchasing extra space through Pogoplug.

Pogoplug - Android Apps on Google Play



Price: Free

Find facts fast with the largest online encyclopedia right at your fingertips. Wikipedia is a must-have free reference app for anyone that needs a quick burst of knowledge on history, events, people, places, things… whatever!


  • 20 million articles in 280 languages.
  • Save articles to read later or offline.
  • Share articles with friends.
  • Search articles nearby.
  • Full screen search.

Wikipedia - Android Apps on Google Play


Uncover new places, cool facts and the history that surrounds wherever you go! Google’s Field Trip app makes exploring a new or familiar area so easy. Download the app, enable your location settings and get notified when you’re near something worth checking out. Impress your friends with knowledge while exploring a new or familiar area with info cards that alert you about your surroundings. Discover hidden historic gems that are in plain sight, like notable architecture or significant battle grounds, or dig up a delicious food spot or unique boutique nearby. Want an audio tour while on a long road trip? Connect your Bluetooth headset or headphones and get a hands-free history lesson while commuting. Easily make notifications as frequent or seldom as you like, or turn on/off speech notifications. This app is a must-have for avid explorers!

Special offer: Right now until the end of July, you can get free admission to 23 of the nation’s top museums and zoos with Google’s Field Trip app. Take advantage of this freebie opportunity and download Field Trip today!


App name: Field Trip

Price: Free


  • Discover thousands of places including historic places and events, architecture, entertainment, food, local deals, outdoor art and obscure places of interest around you.
  • Set notifications to alert you when something cool is close by. You can customize notifications to alert you often, occasionally, or turn them off completely.
  • View places on a map and read or listen to the details.
  • Take a field trip while you commute and listen to the interesting places along your route.
  • Share your discoveries with social networks such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Keep track of your recent trips with archived field trip cards.
  • Field Trip learns what you love. Give your discovery a thumbs up or down and this app will customize your next finding.


How fast can you stack? Anyone that remembers the old-school Tetris game can relate to the adrenaline rush of strategically rotating blocks to fit as they dropped at an increasingly rapid rate. Tetris® Blitz adds a twist to the classic puzzle that will keep your eyes fixated on your Android or tablet screen. With new features, stunning visuals and simple controls that make this game easy to play on a touchscreen, Tetris Blitz is a must-have addicting game. The goal of this game is simple: Strategically place falling blocks to form a complete line, resulting in the line being cleared. Your reaction to falling blocks needs to be accurate and fast so you can clear as many lines as possible with only 2 minutes on the clock. Watch your points burst as you clear multiple lines at once and achieve new high scores. See where your friends stack up on the Facebook leader boards, and check the standings each week after they reset! Enhance your game by and beat your high score with power-ups, like Magnet, Laser and Time Shift. Earn coins every level, or use in-app purchases to buy coins and get more power-ups to make your strategic combinations infinite. If you’re looking for a burst of entertainment, Tetris Blitz will satisfy your boredom.


App name: Tetris Blitz

Price: Free


  • Fun, quick, modern puzzle game that will keep you entertained.
  • Rotate, stack and try to beat the clock by strategically placing blocks to clear lines.
  • Simple controls make playing easy, including Drag-and-Place, One Touch and Swipe.
  • Earn coins every level to ‘buy’ power-ups, or purchase additional power-ups using in-app purchases.
  • Share your high scores and see where you stack up with friends by connecting to Facebook.

Special offer:

While most customers have to pay for in-app content to improve their gaming experience, Sprint customers receive 50,000 coins FREE for gaming with Sprint. When downloading or powering up the app, this message will appear on mobile device:  “Thanks for choosing Sprint. Here’s 50,000 coins FREE so you can gain an edge in Tetris® Blitz.”



How many times have you heard a song on the radio, loved it, hummed it for days, but couldn't identify it? Or you recognized a hit song and the artist remained on the tip of your tongue and it drove you to frustration? Shazam makes those memory lapse moments a thing of the past. This fast and accurate music-recognition app can identify almost any song – On the radio, in a restaurant, at the club, in the office – Almost anywhere. It’s so easy to use and is a favorite app among millions of music lovers. When you hear a song, simply open the app and tap to tag it. Shazam briefly records the song and almost instantly delivers the song, artist and album name along with options to view lyrics, YouTube videos and more. The app then stores the song to your tag list and sorts your tags by date so you can reference and download later. Easily connect Shazam with Facebook and share your latest music discoveries. And with unlimited tagging, your music discoveries are limitless!


App name: Shazam

Price: Free


  • Identify songs in as little as 1 second
  • Tag, save and preview again (30 second previews)
  • Get streaming lyrics
  • Purchase the track easily via Amazon MP3
  • Watch music videos & concerts from YouTube
  • Listen to your tagged music in Spotify
  • Share your finds on Facebook & Twitter

Shazam - Android Apps on Google Play


Capture a stunning sunrise or spectacular fireworks with an HDR addition to your phone’s camera. HDR Camera+ is a full-featured and fast HDR camera that captures your photos in rich colors and detail. With HDR photography, you can get the true intensity of colors by taking a series of photos in a single snap. This technique is widely used by professional photographers, and now it’s available as an app for your Android phone. Snap full-resolution photos while your HDR image is complete within seconds. Leave the tripod at home and stay steady with the hand shake compensation feature. You also have the basic photo features, like zoom, flash (on/auto/off) and the ability to save original images. These days we have swapped digital cameras and conveniently relied on our phones to capture real-time moments. So why settle for grainy-quality or dark pics? Investing in a decent camera app is a great way to turn your photos from dull to dazzling.

HDR Camera App.png

App name: HDR Camera+

Price: Currently on SALE on Google Play for $1.99


  • Snap HDR pics in a simple tap
  • Take full-resolution photos
  • Real HDR: Exposure bracketing and tone mapping
  • Zoom and hand shake compensation, no need for a tripod
  • HDR images fused and tone mapped on device within seconds
  • Handles moving objects, de-ghosting
  • Control tone-mapping parameters: contrast, micro-contrast, color vividness, exposure
  • Save original exposure bracketed images
  • Location tagging
  • Shutter sound can be muted (not on all models)
  • Support for Flash on/off/auto


Summer is here and baseball season is in full swing! If you’re not around to see the action at the ballpark, you can catch live updates and coverage of your favorite team with the At Bat app. This app is for baseball fans who don’t want to miss a second of the season. From Opening Day to the World Series, this app covers all the action from around the league. Start off by setting your favorite teams to get schedules, tickets, rosters and player stats. You can even customize your home screen to feature your favorite or hometown team. Get real-time score updates and game statistics along with push notifications of team changes or other important info. This year, the app includes newly designed team pages along with multi-platform audio access for At Bat 13 subscribers.

This app is free to download, but if you want access to all the features mentioned above and more, you’ll need to subscribe for $19.99. Your subscription gets you access to all the app features and perks throughout the 2013 season (including the World Series). One you have your subscription, you can follow your teams on all your devices, including tablets and smartphones.


App name: At Bat

Price: Free to download, $19.99 subscription for entire 2013 season


  • Multi-platform live gameday audio
  • Watch the Free MLB.TV Game of the Day
  • Watch key plays and moments from every game with Live Look-Ins (No blackout restrictions)
  • In-progress video highlights.
  • Enhanced pitch-by-pitch features, including realistic ballpark renderings from all 30 MLB ballparks
  • Condensed Games.
  • Customize At Bat's home screen to feature your favorite team.
  • Includes home screen widget for in-progress scores around the league.
  • Follow batter-by-batter action.
  • Virtual video archive – Searchable by player, team or keyword (Android phones only).
  • Breaking news, schedules and interactive rosters and players stats for every team. At Bat - Android Apps on Google Play


Taking off this Summer? Travel smart and track of all your flight info with FlightTrack. Get real-time departure info, delays and gate numbers at your fingertips or while you’re in the air (with Wi-Fi available).  Simply enter your flight info and FlightTrack will take control, updating you on the latest airline info during your travel. Flight cancelled or delayed? Don’t fret – You’ll get a heads-up notification and FlightTrack will find you an alternate flight to get you on your way. Picky about a window vs. aisle seat? Know exactly where your seat is located on the plane with airplane seating maps. Track a friend or family member’s flight with a tap. If your Summer vacation plans include air travel, you won’t want to take off without this brilliant app.


App name: FlightTrack

Price: $4.99


  • Real-time status for arrival and departure times, gate numbers, delays and cancellations.
  • Covers more than 3,000 airports worldwide and 1,400 airlines (including international).
  • Find alternate flights with a tap.
  • Detailed flight delay forecasts to help you predict travel disruptions.
  • Share flight status by email, Facebook, Twitter or any other messaging application.
  • Check out your seat in SeatGuru’s airplane seating maps.
  • Add flight notes for seat numbers, confirmation numbers and more.
  • Get live flight tracker maps with satellite and weather radar imagery.

FlightTrack - Android Apps on Google Play


Worst feeling ever: You’re at the concert event of the summer and capturing every musical moment when suddenly, your phone turns off. Your battery is dead! We've all been there and there’s no bummer like it. If only there was an extra hour of power to save your sanity. When you’re not able to plug-in on-the-go, there’s an app that will help! The Green Power Premium battery saver app will save hours of battery life and reduce your anxiety when there’s no charging station nearby. It’s easy to set up and the app does the power calculations for you. Once configured, it smartly manages your Wi-Fi, data (2G, 3G, 4G), Bluetooth and display settings so you get the most out of your battery juice. For example, when you’re not using Wi-Fi or 4G, it turns them off so you’re not burning power and automatically turns them ON when you need them. It even has a sleep mode so you‘re not losing battery bars while you nap. This app is useful for so many summer activities when you need to keep in touch but won’t have a power outlet, like camping, boating, road trips, pool time and more! Get it before summer (and your battery life) is gone.

Green Power Premium.png

App name: Green Power Premium

Price: $4.80


  • Adds up to 100% battery life depending on usage.
  • Manages Wi-Fi, mobile data (2G, 3G, 4G), Bluetooth, GPS, and display settings.
  • Smartly shuts down settings when you’re not using them and turns them on when you’re ready.
  • Simple setup and configurable to prevent disturbing other apps.
  • Night/Sleep mode so you can rest easy knowing you’ll have power the next day.

GreenPower Premium - Android Apps on Google Play


D’oh! Homer Simpson has done it again. After accidentally causing a nuclear meltdown that wipes out Springfield, it’s up to you to rebuild the city in your own vision.  Build from the ground up by constructing new houses, stores, roads and other fun places that will make your Springfield town unique. While rebuilding your new city, you’ll be on a mission to rescue the entire Simpsons family and their friends. Unlock your favorite characters and complete tasks to earn money and donuts (mmm!) to keep your town thriving. When your tasty treats run out, in-game purchases allow you buy more land and decorate Springfield at a faster pace. Compare your city with friends to collect more points and cash. Any long-time fan will enjoy the whimsical jokes and quips inserted throughout the game. You’ll find yourself attached to running your town daily, tending to tasks and tackling quests while discovering new activities and new items to build. Don’t let Homer down, help reconstruct the city and enjoy hours of entertainment with this addicting free game!


App name: The Simpsons™: Tapped Out

Price: Free


  • Build your own Springfield, just the way you envision it.
  • Help Homer reunite with Marge, Bart and the rest of the gang.
  • Complete tasks to earn donuts and cash that keep your town thriving.
  • HD graphics give you a brighter vision of your city coming to life.
  • Enjoy exclusive animated scenes that will please fans of TV’s longest-running comedy.
  • Visit your friends’ cities, play pranks and collect cash.

Note: You must have an internet connection to play, so make sure your device is connected


Ready to hit the road? Don’t leave home without your phone (most importantly), and these apps for the best trip experience, entertainment and memories along the way.

TripAdvisor Hotels Flights

Price: Free

It sounds impossible to plan the perfect trip, right? With TripAdvisor, your ideal travel itinerary and destination is just a tap away. Find the lowest airfare, cozy hotels, best restaurants and entertainment wherever you venture. Check out millions of traveler reviews, opinions and photos by other travelers and add your own!



  • Browse millions of reviews, opinions, videos and photos uploaded by travelers.
  • Find the best hotels for your budget, including Travelers' Choice award winners.
  • Discover restaurants by food type, price range, and rating.
  • Find entertainment and cool things to do in any destination.
  • Add your own ratings, photos, videos and more about your trip.

TripAdvisor Hotels Flights - Android Apps on Google Play


Price: Free

Tired of hotels that offer the same old space? Want to check in somewhere unique to take a break? Airbnb is a trusted community for people all over the world to list their apartments, condos, homes or extra rooms and allow travelers to book. If you’d like a condo for a night or a castle for a week, Airbnb is the easiest way to find unique space to enjoy your trip.



  • Discover unique properties in 19,000+ cities in 192+ countries worldwide.
  • Stuck without a place to stay? Quickly search for nearby places with immediate availability.
  • Check out guest rating and reviews of your place and host before you book.
  • Easily access your itinerary and host details, and get one-click directions

Airbnb - Android Apps on Google Play


Price: Free

Good food is important while on the road. Nosh is a fun way to share what you’re eating and discover what's good along your way.



  • Rate and review dishes, not restaurants. It’s the food that matters.
  • Follow your friends or anyone with good taste and see what they’re eating.
  • Don’t rely on the waiter. Find out "what's good here" and view photos of the food before you order.
  • Browse by the highest rated dishes, by what your friends are eating or any way you choose.
  • Keep track of your food adventures and log what you've eaten and where.

Nosh - Android Apps on Google Play

Draw Something

Price: 2.99

Discover hilarity and non-stop amusement until your next rest stop with Draw Something. It will keep you laughing out loud as you guess friends’ drawings and doodle your own masterpieces.

draw something.png


  • 2,500 words to draw to ensure hours of fun.
  • Add friends and take turns drawing and guessing at your own pace.
  • Turn points into purchases and buy additional colors.
  • Stumped by a hard word? Exchange it for a new one.

Draw Something - Android Apps on Google Play

HDR Camera+

Price: $0.99

Snap pics like a pro this full-featured and fast HDR camera. With full resolution, vivid colors, zoom and real HDR, you’ll capture memories that will last a lifetime.



  • Simple: snap an HDR image in one tap.
  • Full resolution.
  • Real HDR: exposure bracketing and tone mapping.
  • Zoom, location tagging and flash options (on/off/auto).
  • Hand shake compensation, no need to be rock-solid while shooting.
  • Correct handling of moving objects, de-ghosting.
  • Muted shutter sound (not available on all models).

HDR Camera+ - Android Apps on Google Play


Price: 9.99/mo

Enjoy unlimited hours of music on your mobile with the Spotify app and Spotify Premium subscription. Stream any music you’d like from the massive music library while you’re on-the-go. Star your favorites, add them to a playlist and stream with or without an internet connection.



  • Instant access to millions of songs.
  • Seamlessly stream online.
  • Play music offline – no mobile connection needed. 

  • Share music with friends. 

  • Star your favorite tracks and create playlists.

Spotify - Android Apps on Google Play


Congrats to the Class of 2013! For those who are unsure what to do next, here’s some basic advice: Start saving! The Personal Finance app is perfect for keeping close track of finances and budgeting while on the go. Mint securely downloads your bank account, credit card and investment information and tracks your cash flow. Spending is automatically sorted into categories, like groceries, bills, utilities and shopping so you can easily see where your paychecks are going. Don’t hesitate to sync your accounts – This app is passcode protected and safe to use. If you ever lose your phone, simply log in to and deactivate the app with one click. Taking control of your finances has never been easier – Mint does the number crunching for you! It reveals your spending patterns from the start so you know exactly where to cut back or if you can afford to spend. It’s a vital tool for young adults preparing for their financial future, or anyone looking to get their money back on track.


App name: Personal Finance

Price: Free


  • View all your personal accounts—checking, savings, and credit cards.
  • View at-a-glance where you’re spending (groceries, bills, clothing, etc).
  • Track your budget and cash spending.
  • Get email or text alerts that notify you of upcoming bills, fees, low balances, unusual activity and more.
  • Track your finances from your computer, mobile or tablet. Mint easily syncs your information so it’s always up-to-date on any of your devices.
  • Integrates nicely with all major banks and financial institutions.
  • Safe and secure.

Getting started is simple. You’ll need to download the app and sign up for free at Then securely connect your accounts and Mint will automatically organize your spending and create a budget for you.


May is National Fitness Month, so what’s motivating you to get fit? If you’re finding it tough to keep focus and stay on track, try the JETFIT Pro app -- It’s a personal trainer that fits in your pocket! Customize your workout routine, track body statistics and stay motivated to reach your fitness goals. It’s packed full of features and ad-free so your focus isn’t interrupted. Looking for routine inspiration? Search hundreds of workout routines and get helpful tips and animations for each exercise. Afterwards, you can conveniently sync your data and workout info online to track progress. Use your phone’s camera to load before and after photos to see results and set exercise reminders so there’s never an excuse. Don’t hit the gym without it!

JETFIT Pro.png

App name: JETFIT Pro

Price: $4.99


  • Get motivated with 1300+ exercise routines, animations and tips.
  • Sync and store workout data to your online JEFIT profile.
  • Store up to 20 routines and create up to 1000 custom exercises to reach your goal.
  • Easily track workouts, body statistics and lifting progress.
  • Create your routine based on built-in exercises or custom exercises.
  • Visual graphic chart for tracking both body stats and lifting stats.
  • Includes hundreds of weight training exercises organized by body parts.
  • Exercise reminders.
  • Take progress photos with your phone’s camera.
  • Interval times and stopwatch function.

*Note: To utilize the synchronization feature, a account is required to back up data and keep track of your statistics. Create a free JEFIT account at


Is your mom a thrift maven? This mother’s day, introduce her to the ShopSavvy app to do the tedious bargain hunting and save big on products she loves. Turn your phone camera into a barcode scanner and ShopSavvy will provide a list of online and local prices for comparison. This simple app is a must-have for anyone who uses their phone to do shopping, or who wonders if a product would be cheaper elsewhere. Simply scan the product barcode and see what prices are available elsewhere. The app lists deals and sales worth browsing at popular stores and even includes coupon codes and shipping discounts for online purchases. If you’re shopping for something locally, the app will provide directions to stores and show you if the product is in stock. The convenient ‘history’ page keeps track of the items you’ve scanned for reference later. You also can’t beat the price of the app (free!) so add it to the list of deals you need to steal.


App name: ShopSavvy

Price: Free


  • Fast and easy barcode scan (All UPC, EAN or QR formats) or do a product keyword search
  • Find the lowest online or local price available
  • Compare prices against most major retailers and check if the product is in stock
  • Keep track of your searches in organized lists. Buy directly online or save to buy later.
  • View shipping promos, coupon codes, rebates, weekend sales and more
  • Share products, prices and lists with friends by email, Facebook, or Twitter.

ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner - Android Apps on Google Play


Need a nudge to get out of bed in the morning? Awaken from your Z’s with the customizable doubleTwist Alarm Clock app! This simple and intuitive app is a great way to start your day and an excellent replacement to your boring bedside alarm clock. The look and feel of this app is stunning and gives you plenty of personalizing options to choose your best wake-up experience. Set your alarm manually to gently deliver tranquil tunes or choose a blaring tone that will kick you out of bed. Easily set wake times based on sleep cycles, sunrise or short naps. Sleep Cycle mode is especially cool because it wakes you when you’ve had enough sleep so you don’t feel sluggish the next day. This app is much more innovative than your standard phone alarm, so don’t waste time, get it now!


App name:  doubleTwist Alarm Clock

Price: $1.99


  • Stunning, beautiful user interface.
  • Two clock modes:  Digital flip and analog clock.
  • Wake up to sounds or music from your personal playlist (requires free doubleTwist Player app).
  • Includes nightstand dim mode.
  • Set alarm through one of four sleep modes: Time, Sleep Cycle, Quick Nap, or Sunrise.
  • Settings include multiple alarms, recurring alarms, fade in volume, snooze duration and alarm volume.
  • Create a custom label for each alarm and view the time left until the next scheduled alarm.

doubleTwist Alarm Clock - Android Apps on Google Play