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carrier iq


carrier iq

hey sprint if you quit installing junk like


and just build a system that works maybe it wouldnt take 2 months for you to have a gold canadate for release.

idk i mean maybe striping out the bs that has no right being there in the first place would make it easier to release a new rom in idk 2 months for this device.

i mean the company that operates it is sleezy enough


i dont trust anyone with as much info as they can gather and the ways they go to gather. thank god for root and custom roms with this garbage removed



now one of the senate are getting involved

BLACKASH521 wrote:

void we are going by COLD HARD FACTS... you are the one that is denying the cold hard facts by saying things like you are. these are proven facts with video evidence. and at mgman61 no they turned it inot a sensationalist android article with a rehash on what was actually happening well after the shock factor for the average reader.

I ony posted what I have found and nothing more also there is nothing in my posts denying anything.


pyo wrote:

I am seriously thinking about selling my Android phone and getting an iPhone now... EVen if it's not as good - Apple doesn't [...] you like this... At least I think so....

Not so fast. Apple most definitely DOES put Carrier IQ on their iPhones (at least the iPhone 4):


If you want to stay away from this junk, get a Nexus S. Google's flagship phones do NOT have Carrier IQ.


i just read an article today, this is also on apple phones


What you have posted is the official line that they don't collect personal data. That may well be the case. But the very idea of putting this program on without an opt out and full knowledge and consent of customers is a huge problem. No manufacturer or provider should put ANY tracking software on your phone without your consent, period.


They shouldn't, but they all put it on smartphones. An important note is that it is incapable of tracking any information that they couldn't track anyway. All this does is automate the process.


i totally agree with you.  one person was just saying they were going to switch from android to apple.  all the phones (practically) has it

If application only measurement areas include coverage quality, roaming performance, signal strength, calls events (e.g., call drops, call failures), battery events, application performance and troubleshooting (e.g., length of time to open an application, streaming issues, etc.). Sprint’s purpose for collecting the metrics through the IQ application is to meet customer expectations for both voice and data service quality and to improve those services.then that is something would not need a opt out. But when it comes to everyone private informations then there should be a opt out.


I absolutely agree.  This is an unbelievable invasion of prvacy on the part of the so-called private sector.


Well here is my experience with Sprint. I called customer support to find out how to remove this and the first woman I spoke to was incredibly rude and did not help at all. She would not even send me a printed copy of my contract, but instead referred me to a generic copy of the contract on the website - not even found in my account but under the plan. When she asked if she resolved my issues, I obviously said absolutely NOT. I was then forwarded to customer relations to find out why she didn't help me - this women was no better. She told me there is no way to opt-out unless I root my phone which would indeed void my manufactors warranty as well as my Insurance which I pay $8 x 2 ($16) a month for.

She did however tell me that there is an application on the market to remove CIQ called "Logging Test" which costs $1. It requires root access however, so we were back to square one. She told me that if I root my phone and anything happened I could accidently drop it in the toilet and they would still replace it since it wouldn't power on, they wouldn't know I rooted it. Little does she know, that application is for HTC Devices ONLY and not the Epic 4G Touch, in fact, if you attempt to use it on the Epic 4G Touch it will indeed BRICK your phone. WOW! Thanks Sprint, instead of giving me a simple opt-out to illegal wiretapping, you'd prefer that I root my phone, void my warranty, pay for an application to remove CIQ which will indeed BRICK (ruin) my phone. What. The. Hell.

She then transferred me to another person, this time a technical support guy higher up I'm assuming. He gave me the same statement that Sprint released a few weeks ago about how they do not collect personal information and that "I need to do my research". The conversation with him went from bad to pretty decent actually when I explained to him what CIQ is, that they can log information on phones that are deactivated or on Wi-Fi networks, that it logs every single keystroak made and that is basically a rootkit. That the U.S. Senate has already sent them a letter demanding to know what information they collect, that a class action lawsuit is coming, which specific carriers have it on their phones and which don't and video proof of the CIQ App logging every bit of information on the phone (including hitting the home key, back key, dialing a number, sending a text and displaying https (secure) logins in PLAIN TEXT.

By the end of the conversation I had woken him up to what CIQ was and proven that I had done my research. He ended up being very nice and interested once he realised that the e-mail he got from Sprint HQ to tell customers was utter bullshit. However, the fact of the matter is, they have no way at customer or technical support to help you opt-out - the only way to get it off your phones at the moment is to root your phone and install a custom version (ROM) of Android that does not have CIQ pre-packaged. Any other methods to remove it will be unsucessful and could brick your phone. If you root your phone or install a custom version of Android you have voided your warranty and if you pay insurance, too bad, it voids that too.

Best of luck to everyone who is stuck in a contract with Sprint. I just signed up 4-5 days ago so I still have a chance to cancel my contract and head on over to Verizon who does not install CIQ on their phones (see their statements in the news today).


Pushing the stop button clears the app out of the list and it looks like it stops.  However if you close the app list and look at it again, you will see that the app is still running and the application run time continues on from whenever you booted the phone.  In other words, this doesn't really stop the Carrier IQ service on the phone.


You may want to edit or remove the following post.

Very true we have no way to opt out of this "maleware" as I would put it. There is however a way to TURN it off and leave it off even without a custom rom. The only problem is that you have to do it every reboot of the phone. Here is how to turn it off incase others do not know.  Applications / Settings / Applications / Manage Applications / Runnings (Tab at the top far right of the 4 tabs) / Look for Android System and tap on it to open it up you will see IQ Agent Service in there you can hit STOP and stop it from running while the phone is on during that time. If you reboot you will have to do it again but that's a temp fix (unless you are rooted and then you don't have to worry about it) But for the people that are not rooted that's one way of removing the issue. Even though it's temporary.

This does not work. The program does give you the option to stop it, but it will automatically restart immediately (close settings and reopen them and its back). There is no way to effectively stop this program without root access.

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