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direct connect now on LTE devices


direct connect now on LTE devices

I’m looking for a high end LTE phone that supports the direct connect now app. Are there any plans to update existing LTE phones to be able to use of the direct connect app?

I understand that certain hardware has to be in place to use this service. Please advise..



Re: direct connect now on LTE devices


Because of the hardware requirements you mentioned there won't be Direct Connect capibility in existing LTE Android devices. As of right now the two phones that are supported are the Kyocera Rise (C5155) and the LG Optimus Elite (LS-696).

Thank you,



Re: direct connect now on LTE devices

From what I've been seeing, the  Qualcomm Snapdragon S2  MSM8655 (in the Kyocera Rise)...should have comparable specs when it comes to qchat and the MSM8960 (chip inside the Galaxy s3, the  MSM8260 in the Galaxy s2 Skyrocket, the MSM8660 in the old Galaxy Note...etc...

As the chip "versions" go...the MSM8655 is an older chip...compared to the newer MSM8960 in the you would think it's just a matter of enabling it and allowing the app to appear for those with the proper chipset.

Aren't there 4 phones that support DCNow ...?

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