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unlock phone


unlock phone

how do I unlock my lgrumor touch

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Re: unlock phone

Unlocking Sprint devices is against our policy.  Please see the below paragraph at

Your Device, Number & E-mail Address; Caller ID
We don’t manufacture any Device we might sell to you or that is associated with our Services, and we aren’t responsible for any defects, acts or omissions of the manufacturer. The only warranties on your Device are the limited warranties given to you by the manufacturer directly or that we pass through. Your Device is designed to be activated on the Sprint network and in other coverage areas we make available to you. As programmed, it will not accept wireless service from another carrier. Except for any legal right you may have to port/transfer your phone number to another carrier, you have no and cannot gain any (for example, through publication, use, etc.) proprietary, ownership or other rights to any phone number, identification number, e-mail address or other identifier we assign to you, your Device or your account. We’ll notify you if we decide to change or reassign them. Your CDMA Sprint PCS phone has a software programming lock that protects certain of the handset’s operating parameters against unauthorized reprogramming. If you wish to obtain the software program lock code for your CDMA Sprint PCS phone, please visit or call 1-888-211-4727 for information and eligibility requirements.


unlock phone

last 4 digits of your cell phone number i just figured out while i spent and hour on the phone with 2 diff people and neither knew!! now mine keeps restarting itself continually.!!

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