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4G LTE Coverage in Maine???


4G LTE Coverage in Maine???

Does Sprint plan to launch 4G LTE Coverage in Maine any time soon or at all?  My contract is up soon and it's very tempting to switch over to Verizon or AT&T.  Heck, even U.S. Cellular has 4G coverage in Maine.


Re: 4G LTE Coverage in Maine???

Good morning MoJoMaestro,

I am here for you. I want to assure you, we are stretching across the nation with LTE services. We've made great progress this year and will continue into early part of 2014. If you go to you can check up on our progress. Do you have a specific area in Maine that you are in? I can check into any updates for the area for you. Zip code and cross streets would help.

Talk soon,


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