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Dropped calls all day everyday - 90024 SPRINT says that they can't and won't do anything at this time.


Dropped calls all day everyday - 90024 SPRINT says that they can't and won't do anything at this time.

I have been battling with SPRINT for several weeks now about my horrible service. I am on the phone all day, everyday and I need it to work. I am not gossiping or chit-chatting, I am on the phone all day for work, its how I make enough money to pay SPRINT about $250 a month. But apparently this is no concern of theirs.

I have spoken with several reps, high level ones too, and no one can do a single thing, they can't and wont and don't want to.

The reps justify that I don't have to have consistent services because their system says that I only get 44 dropped calls a month. Is that OK? I don't think so.

Also, the truth is that I get at least 5-10 dropped calls per day, so whatever metric their system uses to measure how many dropped calls a person gets, it is not working properly, unless they have it set to screw the customer out of time and money, if it is set to that mode, then it is doing a great job.

I can't begin to explain the frustration, the fury and the time wasted on having pointless, single sided conversations with SPRINT.

I tell them that, OK, so I am only going to pay my bill some of the time, just like the service that I get, but then again, they could care less.

For some reason, they sent a device return kit to an address with which I have no affiliation. When I asked about it, and was excitedly expecting them to say that I was going to be able to return my phones to them and then leave the company, they told me that it is to retrieve an AirRave device that I had returned to them over 1 year ago. Then when I asked them why was the package sent to my name, but to an Address that I had no, nor have I ever had any affiliation with, they couldn't give me an answer.

The company went from bad to worse when it comes to reliability, customer service, pricing, absolutely everything that they had to offer is now a distant dream....

And to think, that like a sucker, I paid for 3 years worth of 4G Service and yet I never got to experience it.

I know that no one who has ever been with sprint will ever go back or even keep the same contract, forget about the unlimited data, with their slow speeds who cares anyway? You can barely download 2 Gigs even if you try your hardest for the entire month.

Oh so many grievances, so little time!

I hate Sprint!

Can you tell?

Let me know if you've experienced any of the things that I've described. I hope you haven't but if you have, know that I feel your pain.


Re: Dropped calls all day everyday - 90024 SPRINT says that they can't and won't do anything at this time.

You are not the only one, how about your phone not even work or charge and yet they still want you to pay the phone bill every month! My phone hasn't been working for about a month now and no credit to my account and recently the lady from the store ordered me a new one but I'm without a phone!!! They still dont want to do anything to fix this problem but they want to make sure you pay them on time though. They customer service sucks and so does there service for these phones. Sprint is horrible to their customers.

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