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Galaxy S2 turning itself off and on


Galaxy S2 turning itself off and on

My galaxy S2 since lat night has started turning itself off and on, never staying on. It is like the power button is permanently pressed down because as soon as phone starts up it just asks to shut down again and shuts down right away. It does this until I remove the battery, or at the very least 3 times and then remains off.

As you can imagine, the rage is high.

I cannot leave to take it to a repair center right now, so any suggestions from the Sprint Team in the meantime?


Re: Galaxy S2 turning itself off and on

Not good to hear Grikgod .Have you downloaded any new applications? If not I would make sure that your information is backed up. If power cycling by removing the battery has not helped, you can hard reset the device. This will wipe all the data from your device. Here are the steps:

Turn off the device, press and hold the vol up and power button (the screen should show a triangle with an exclamation mark), release the buttons when you see the Samsung logo will come up.

Scroll to select wipe data/factor reset, using the vol keys,

Select the power key for the data reset option,

Select yes delete all data,

Then select reboot system now.

The device will reboot and restart.

If the issue is still happening I would recommend the service center.




Re: Galaxy S2 turning itself off and on

I had this issue with my Galaxy 2 and it turned out to be the battery.  It was warped, once I had it replaced never happened again!

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