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Horrible coverage in Silver Spring, MD

Journeyman YDH

Horrible coverage in Silver Spring, MD

I live on Greenly Street, near the school Sargent Shriver. I get 0-2 bars of service here. If I'm lucky, 3. I can't be on a phone call for more than 10-20 minutes. It drops all the time. If I'm lucky, I'll be on a phone call for about 30-40 minutes. Also, I get text message late too. I am using an iPhone 4S. The other people in my family that live in our house have the same issue. We have an iPhone 4S, an iPhone 4, an android phone(Forgot the name), and a Samsung Rant(Not a smartphone). None of them get good service where I live.

Is there any way to fix this? This is all around the neighborhood. As soon as you go on the Main Road(Connecticut Ave or Randolph Rd), you get 3-5 bars of service.


Re: Horrible coverage in Silver Spring, MD


Thank you for providing all the information necessary to troubleshoot your issue. The reason you are experiencing issues in this area is that it has been identified as an area with decreased signal strength. This occurs because the signal strength may vary as you get further from the cell site. I can understand that this is a frustrating experience. I have reported the issue to our network team so that they will be aware of your specific location. Sprint is continually working to expand our cell sites and their ability to support more areas. Throughout the next year we will be making major updates to your market, after this time it is possible that the signal strength in this area may improve. You can also learn more about what we are doing to improve our network by visiting,


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