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I live in a 3G/4G Black Hole


I live in a 3G/4G Black Hole

I am fed up and do not know where to turn, except to another carrier when my device contract expires.  I live in a condo complex and have never been able to get 3G at home, even outside in the parking lot, on the side of the building or outside in the rear of the building.  It is not a high rise, it is a 2 story 8 unit building. 

Last year, as soon as I got my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (April 2012) and went home, I got 1 to 2 to 3 bars signal (as usual) but no 3G service.  Went back to the service center in Delray Beach and was told that 4G/LTE work was underway on the towers and to wait until August 2012 and everything would be better.  I have been back there countless times for dropped calls, photo/text messaging issues, no 3G service and it was always the same, wait a few more months for the work on the towers to be completed. 

Now, 4G/LTE has been deployed and online chats with your support techs assure me that 4G/LTE is fully deployed to MY address.  But because my phone will not accept the latest software update without a master reset, I must go to the local service center (Sprint corporate center).  I go to the center and they say, "no, we have several towers in the area that are affecting service".  I do not need a software update, my phone automatically switches to and works great in 4G/LTE areas as close as several hundred yards from my home!!  It just does not work at my address....I have even walked out onto the golf course a hundred yards or so and it works.  I also have RF Signal Tracker app, that I can see exactly what is happening to the network and what signal I am connecting on.

I need a remedy now, what is it?


Re: I live in a 3G/4G Black Hole


Thanks for reaching out, this isn’t the experience we want you to have. Allow me to look into this for you, can you provide us with your nearest cross street and zip code? My apologies for the delay in our response.

Eduardo C

Sprint Social Care

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