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Iphone 4s Free with 2 year Plan??


Iphone 4s Free with 2 year Plan??

So, I went to sprint and I saw the deal of 100 dollars off when you switch to Sprint, and the Iphone 4s 16 gb ias 99.99 - they charged me 152.00> is this supposed to be correct as it says 152 for the phone, and not for anything else? Should I go back and ask for a refund of those 100 dollars? Or how exactly does that work?


Re: Iphone 4s Free with 2 year Plan??


     Thanks for posting with us! Once you port your phone number over from another provider to us, that is when you are eligible for the $100 discount. Is there a break down of taxes and an activation fee on your receipt?

Aron B.

Sprint Social Care