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Is it possible to trade in ?


Is it possible to trade in ?

Is it possible to trade in my Iphone 4s for a Iphone5 and pay the difference ?


Re: Is it possible to trade in ?

I think that's what the buyback thing is for.


Re: Is it possible to trade in ?


To get the best pricing on a new device it is best to purchase a phone when you are eligible to upgrade. Otherwise you will have to pay the suggested retail price of the phone. The Sprint Buyback Program offsets the cost of a new phone, it does not allow trades.

For example, if you are upgrading to the iPhone 5 (16gb), the price will be $199.99 (as of If you participate in the Buyback Program with the iPhone 4S (16gb), you can save $163 (as of Without an upgrade, the cost of the iPhone 5 (16gb) would be $649.99...then you can factor the savings if you decide to participate in the Buyback Program.

To find out when your next eligible upgrade is, text the word UPGRADE to 1311 from your phone.

Ruth E

Social Care Team