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LG Marquee keeps powering down


LG Marquee keeps powering down

Today while talking on the phone, my LG Marquee powered down and I could not get it to turn back on. Took the battery out, got it to turn back on long enough to make a phone call, but shut off again after about 3 minutes. This happened three more times then would not turn back on at all. If I plug it in, it will turn on and power up, get to my locked screen, then power back down immediately. My battery is at 78% so it isn't a dead battery. I tried resetting it by holding the down volume key and the power button and it is still immediately powering down after it turns on. Any idea how to fix it? I am still 202 days away from an upgrade

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Re: LG Marquee keeps powering down

I am here to help, the best thing is for the device to be tested at the Sprint Repair Center. Is the software up to date?  Do you have insurance? Is the device under warranty with LG- (800) 793-8896?

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