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Refunds after service has been restored?


Refunds after service has been restored?

Has anyone else called in after service has been restored?  I've called in a lot over the last 1.5 years.  Every time I called in with a problem, they said they wouldn't be able to apply any sort of rebate, refund, or adjustment to my account until the problems were resolved.  They never contacted me to let me know that things were "fixed", but my call drops and lost texts seemed to have stopped being a problem.  The GPS feature on my phone has never worked - even after 3 different Galaxy S phones.  I've given up on that working with this phone.

So, my contract is up as of last month and I'm in the market for the new Samsung S4.  I've been with Sprint for over 10 years. I call to work things out with Sprint and see what they offer me.  They offered me 4 months of $25 off my bill after saying other offers weren't good enough...  Really?!  I pay almost $78 a month!  I've had unacceptable service for 1.5 years, with countless hours on the phone with your techs and several treks down to the sprint store to sit and wait for a service tech to get to me, and you think $100 even comes close to what I'm owed after you failed to meet your service obligations?  <Deep breath>

What, if anything has Sprint offered the rest of you who've had issues?  Thank you for your feedback.


Re: Refunds after service has been restored?

I never ask them. Why should I? Oh, because I am paying them right? My gps hasn't let me down save for map crashes. Internet is slow, 3g sucks most of the time. Wifi is great. Never use 4g because it's a battery hog. Never really go above 1gb data...Absolutely cannot live without my dropped calls. You want reassurance or something from others to keep you staying?

If you are not happy, leave. We all know what it's like living with Sprint, we all pay them for a service, not extra benefits when they are going through technical issues that are covered in your contract that you signed. Even with their LTE rollout, I doubt things will improve much, but there is a chance. Hence why I am considering a switch to ATT, but also considering getting the HTC One with them. Don't expect them to offer you anything to stay after you have been a long term customer either. Nor any other service. Even though that would be more expensive, since while I am not contracted, my GF's phone is which is also under my plan.

$100 off is better than nothing, take it or leave it. Your not deserved anything else and should have jump ship at your last renewal when you saw the maintenance plans.

This is the reality when you are dealing with a company trying to upgrade all their hardware/equipment in select regions at the same time. I remember when Sprint wasn't that bad, until the maintenance started.

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