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Self Service?


Self Service?

I was speaking to a CSR yesterday about making a payment to my account. Simple transaction, right?  Nope!  She could not even take my payment! She told me that this is now a "self service" option and to make my payment by dialing *3 or going to She then proceeded to tell me all of the other "self service" options now in place-- Starting Monday the 26th, we can no longer call customer care to have our phones activated, blocking numbers, changing phone numbers, resetting voicemail passwords, etc... So just a little heads-up for people who call into customer service-- there are some transactions that can no longer be done!!


Re: Self Service?


Thanks for sharing. It is true that we are implementing more self-help options for our customers. Most account changes can be simply done with a few clicks right from this website. This ensures our customers are able to choose exactly what they want and when they want, since the website is available 24/7. It also eliminates the need to call in, answer prompts, and wait for someone to answer your call. If there's a complex issue we're still here to assist with that via phone call, these forums,, or Sprint | Facebook.


Sprint Social Care Team

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