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Sprint Towers map??

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: Sprint Towers map??

To find the specific location of a tower, this is the best way.  We don't have a customer facing map of all towers, just the ones getting upgrades.

starzfan31, you have three towers near 8th and Vermont:

One near Packard and US 169, less than a mile out; this one shows it's aligned for your location and the best bet.  Aim your antenna due South and just a hair East and you'll hit this one.

One near 11th and Pawnee, but it's not aligned to hit 8th and Vermont

One near 21st and Ridge, again it's not aligned to hit 8th and Vermont.

All three have had 1900Mhz LTE upgrades completed.

You could also try aiming at the tower on Freightliner due East across the river at Central and James; it's not designed to hit 8th and Vermont, but with a directional antenna you may be in luck.


Re: Sprint Towers map??

Hello, I also had lots of issues on my street with terrible reception, and I'd like to point my booster antenna toward the nearest tower.  I live near Crestview Ave & Bayside, 55356. Can you tell me where the nearest tower is located?


Re: Sprint Towers map??

Hi bquadere1,

Thanks for your post. I am sorry that you are reporting recent reception issues and we're happy to assist your further. I have pin pointed your nearest tower, which is located on Kelly Parkway. Please keep us posted if positioning your booster in the direction of this street helps to improve your service. In the event it doesn't, we're happy to explore other solution to help resolve this issue.

Thank You,

DePaul W.

Sprint Social Care Team

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