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Terrible Service in Los Angeles


Terrible Service in Los Angeles

I have been noticing more and more over the last few weeks that I'm getting a big fat "o", instead of 3G around all of Los Angeles. (I've noticed maybe twice in the last 5 months of having my iPhone 5 that I've had LTE, but as soon as I notice it, it drops away; and I've NEVER seen 4G).  I live and work in downtown, so you'd think the coverage would be top notch. I get the same horrible service when I spend time in La Canada and Glendale. I can send a text to my fiance's iPhone 5 in the next room (for no reason), and it will load almost all the way, and then after a few minutes, it will finally send (as a text message, not iMessage). I'm constantly having to turn my phone on and off in the hopes that the "o" will disappear. Yesterday, we tried facetiming, him in Glendale and me in Burbank, and it was a disaster. After minutes, it finally connected, but then the connection was so bad, it was either constantly black or frozen.

What's the point of paying these prices every month, if I can't do a single thing on my phone in one of the biggest cities in the country/world? And I'm not in some random neighborhood, either, I'm right in downtown LA.


Re: Terrible Service in Los Angeles

they are currently deploying a new network down in LA and the surrounding areas..more often than not this is the cause of the issues..if you see this more in one general area (home or work location) then post that zip code and the closest cross streets to where you notice it the most so one of the techs in here can look into the towers you connect to for issues..if its everywhere then its safe to say the upgrades are affecting the services..which is unfortunately how it has been for every area that is getting these upgrades.

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************

Re: Terrible Service in Los Angeles

Long time Sprint customer here, 12+ years. Sprint is installing/upgrading new towers and service; supposedly 4G/LTE. When you get them installed, your Sprint service goes poof!! Lots of roaming if you are lucky.

Customer service will not be able to help you.They act as if you are the only one having any problems.

Please do complain everyday, they just close your ticket without fixing problem, so you have to open new ticket all the time. Ask for a rebate/reduced rate on your monthly contract, ask for no Early Termination Fees (this is their fault and failure to provide service). Good luck.

File complaints outside of Sprint i.e. BBB, FCC, State agencies… This maybe only way to get Sprint to issue rebates/releases to those customers affected.

"We are sorry but your call cannot be completed as dialed… Message 32, SAN = Sprint failure.

Come on Sprint, step up to the plate, fix your upgraded towers/service. Quit lying about "intermittent tower problems"

My problems began over 2 weeks ago as they began upgrading in my area, and as each old tower was taken off line, I lost coverage. Perfectly fine before tower "upgrade". What good is 4G if you can't get any connection? 5 phones, 3 different models including iPhone4s', all barely functional, but only if we go outside.  Roaming, dropped calls, terrible battery life… Zip 91901

Look on these forums and other sites, problems long standing. LA was supposed to have been upgraded already. Lots of other big cities also experiencing problems. New towers and service supposed to improve coverage and speeds, but just the opposite is happening! Give me an old tower any day!

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