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Why does Sprint say Scout & **Me are free, when it's not?


Why does Sprint say Scout & **Me are free, when it's not?

Just downloaded Scout and **Me after seeing the "Free app" banners all over this site only to open them up and find there are REALLY BIG subscription fees to make them work. Isn't it really kinda crappy of Sprint to offer these "free" apps (which technically is true. The APP is free. The stuff to make it work will cost you) knowing they are offering the equivalent of a "free car!" and when you sign up they deliver a metal frame then tell you if you want the seats, motor and tires that'll cost you. It's also kinda dumb to offer a free GPS/Maps app then charge for it when Google Maps is free and does the same thing as well as acting like **Me is a special Sprint app when anyone with any cell carrier can have a **Me number. Seems really shallow and shady to me. Just flat out lying about it. Why? Dont they know that bait and switch stuff bugs the hell out of people?


Re: Why does Sprint say Scout & **Me are free, when it's not?

Scout is free for me and working fine, and I haven't paid anything - where does it say you need to pay?  **me is a free app, the service cost a few dollars a month...and I wouldn't call a few dollars REALLY BIG subscription fees...


Re: Why does Sprint say Scout & **Me are free, when it's not?


      Hello! Thank you for your reply. I see your point about **Me and you're right, normally I wouldn't call $2.99 a huge fee. However, in a world where there are THOUSANDS of FREE apps and almost all the others (if there is a charge involved) usually are just a ONE TIME cost of maybe $2. With **Me the cost is $2.99 a month (thats $72.00 a year!) added on top of your monthly Sprint plan which after fees and taxes can be over $80. Plus if you read the fine print it says: "StarStar Me subscribers are charged airtime/minutes for calls that they receive according to their Sprint plan. Calls to a StarStar number may count towards the caller's voice minutes depending on their plan. Text messages that are sent to callers are free, however callers who click links in text messages may incur data charges depending on their plan. Callers from carriers other than Sprint may incur charges for voice minutes /airtime and text messages, depending on the carrier and the caller's voice and data plan." And trust me, these companies are in the business of making money not making free fun silly "Ooh look my phone number is my name!" apps so don't be surprised when that "Callers from carriers other than Sprint" thing kicks in and your "$2.99 not a REALLY BIG subscription fee" clause kicks in and you're gonna go from **Me to F*Me!  And even if not above and beyond all that my point was I just thought it was stupid to have all these "Sprint gives you FREE apps!" banners and ads all over their site knowing that thats all you got, the free app. If you wanted to make the app DO anything, wellll that'll cost ya.

  As for Scout, I guess their server is down so often they have been giving away a free year of Voice Guided Navigation to angry customers but if you will see the screen shots I grabbed from my iPhone from the "Terms and Conditions" page after RE-Downloading Scout to show you what I am talking about there is very clearly a monthly fee ($9.99 a month which I do consider a REALLY BIG subscription fee) and again all under the guise of Sprint giving its loyal customers "Free" apps.


  I like Sprint. I have been with them for years and I always have reception and calls never drop but I tell ya what-- they do not give back to their customers (those discounts you get on your phone when you subscribe or re-subscribe for two years are non-existent. Repayment of whatever dollar amount you are given off on your phone has been built into your contract and you will have paid the FULL price for the phone by the end of the 2 years. Betcha didn't know that did ya?) so I am probably a bit more sensitive about this issue than I normally would be. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw they were giving free apps to their customers and thought "Ya know, its about time!" (I never hear anything from Sprint unless my payment is late. Never a "Thank you for your loyalty" or even  a generic "Happy Birthday" email thats set to auto-send each year) so when I downloaded both "free" apps just to open them and see not just a one time fee but a $2.99 PER MONTH fee and a $9.99 PER MONTH fee in their "free apps" it just chapped my a**.

So, yeah I'm probably a bit over zealous about the whole thing but ya know, don't give a beautifully wrapped gift box that when I open it you say "Its just the box. If you want a gift in it you gotta buy that yourself." Just don't offer at all.


Re: Why does Sprint say Scout & **Me are free, when it's not?


Thanks for your feedback. When you downloaded Scout, did you download the free version? Please let me know.

Andrew B.

Sprint Social Care


Re: Why does Sprint say Scout & **Me are free, when it's not?

Hi Andrew!

   I gotta say your question just made my day! People don't generally mean "LOL" literally but when I read your question I literally "LOL'd" and I needed that so thanks.

  I'm really not being sarcastic or trying to be snarky  about this even though its going to sound that way BUT the reason your question cracked me up (and just a really, really perfect example of why some others who can't see the humor in such things get so frustrated and mad at customer service people) is because the ENTIRE point of my post is that you all offer a free app download, I download the free app, then there is a charge. Yes CodeeCB89 and I spoke about other things as well and I rambled on about a few other off topic things but the very heart of my issue or annoyance or question or whatever you want to call it is that I downloaded a free app only to discover there was a charge, right?

   I posted screen shots from within the free software and I copy and pasted quotes from the free app websites and went into details about the issues and problems I have with you all offering a free app only to download it and discover there is a charge so you gotta admit for you to come along and out of all the issues you could address the fact that you choose to ask "Did ya download the free version?" is pretty freakin' funny.

  And, of course, why its such a great example of why people can get frustrated and angry with customer service  folks (I'm not, I'm just making a point) is that as customers often we will have to explain our issue over and over and over again often being transfered from one rep to the next always having to start over and re-explain everything or we submit all the info online then when we call they want us to re-submit it all again and it gets annoying feeling like no one is listening. SO--

   In answer to your question: Yes Andrew. I did download the free version.

   As a matter of a fact, if you had checked before posting, you would have seen (for iPhone's anyway) there is only ONE version that CAN be downloaded. Whether searching from the app store on my phone, clicking through MySprint links to get Scout or accessing it through iTunes only one Scout is available to download and that is the Scout that has this as the first thing under its "Terms of Use" :


Top of page

Please read these terms and conditions of use ("Terms of Use") carefully before you launch Scout™ ("Scout") on your wireless device. Your use of Scout indicates that you accept these terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, do not launch or otherwise use Scout.


These Terms of Use represent the agreement ("Agreement") between you and Telenav, Inc. ("Telenav") with respect to Scout. All references herein to "you" and "your" means you, your employees, agents, and contractors, and any other entity on whose behalf you accept these terms and conditions, all of whom shall also be bound by this Agreement.

Telenav may revise these terms and conditions at any time, with or without notice to you. You should visit from time to time to review the then current terms and conditions for Scout.


Scout allows you to obtain via your wireless device GPS-assisted navigation instructions to destinations throughout most of the United States or Canada, depending on your cellular carrier. Use of Scout requires payment of a monthly fee, which includes download to your wireless device of the Telenav GPS Navigator software and any upgrades, modifications, or additions thereto (collectively, "Telenav Software"), but does not include any hardware that may be required for certain wireless devices (such as a standalone GPS receiver). A complete description of Scout is available at the Products link on Telenav's website, located at

Now I am TOTALLY open to being wrong COMPLETELY open to that but I take these things seriously and I always read what I am agreeing to and when it says "Please read these terms and conditions of use ("Terms of Use") carefully before you launch Scout™ ("Scout") on your wireless device. Your use of Scout indicates that you accept these terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, do not launch or otherwise use Scout."

  So, because I go on to read there is a monthly fee I DON'T LAUNCH SCOUT because I do not accept those terms and conditions right? And on the app download page it lists two in-app purchases either monthly or yearly for the service and online in all the customer reviews they say that there is no voice navigation without paying the fee so no matter how ya slice it there is a fee for this free app.

   If I am wrong and there is a scaled down version of Scout missing a paid upgrade functionality (Voice Nav maybe?) then in that case Sprint is just offering a link to an app that anyone can download (not just Sprint customers) but is only partially functional (no voice navigation without paying) and knowing the iPhone comes with voice navigation I'm sorry but that still feels like a really shallow, shady not-free free app/gift.

   I'll shut up now but I hope you see what I'm saying. Your touting a free app from Sprint which is either 1) not free or 2) a downgrade in your existing cell phone's capabilities unless you pay a fee so either way I am still asking "Why?"

   Why not make an awesome app exclusive only to Sprint subscribers that you give as a free download to your customers as a thank you rather than just linking to a preexisting app which anyone with an android or iPhone can access and unless we pay more is really less than what we've already got? Huh? Why not something like that?

Anyway-through all my long winded-ness the answer is yes. Yes I downloaded the ONLY version available to download which I guess is billed as free but has fees involved in the use of it somewhere.

  So,  now that you know that--what's your next question? If its anything like most customer service is it'll be "Do you have an Android or an iPhone?"

  Please don't make it "Do you have an Android or an iPhone?" LOL 


Re: Why does Sprint say Scout & **Me are free, when it's not?


Thanks for your reply. I'm glad I made you laugh, that's not a bad thing, right? The reason I asked if you downloaded the free app is that to answer your question I downloaded the app and was given no such terms and conditions. I have an Android device, I downloaded the app, I created an account, and tested the app and it all worked. I downloaded the app on an iPhone 5 and it went right to navigation after signing into the service, no prompts to pay. The scout app has the diamond drawn yellow 'S' with a green background. You can always private message me so we can assist 'hands on' (metaphorically of course!).

Andrew B.

Sprint Social Care


Re: Why does Sprint say Scout & **Me are free, when it's not?

Now I am a little nervous. I, too, just downloaded Scout. I obtained it from the Sprint Zone app, under the section called 'Recommended Apps'. I did not choose to set up an account at this time. Will I be charged? There were absolutely no indications of any charges.

That being said, I was also curious to see the Family Locator (and a couple of similar apps) listed as Free. However, I have downloaded them in the past, and have ended up being charged for them. I could REALLY use them, especially the one that will not allow texting and driving, for my two teenaged drivers!

This is all adding up to Used Car Salesman tactics, if you ask me. I would hope Sprint is not " into" trapping its customers. Well, aside from that whole " employee discount" thing that I am still steamed about.

But my ultimate question, here, is: Are these really FREE apps in which I will NOT be charged a monthly fee?

Thank You.


Re: Why does Sprint say Scout & **Me are free, when it's not?

As we'll did I iPhone 5 and straight to navigation no fees terms or anything and not being charged on my bill.


Re: Why does Sprint say Scout & **Me are free, when it's not?

When you all installed this map application did you happen to read through the "App Permissions"?

Did you happen to see where it said:

"Scout GPS Navigation & Traffic needs access to:

Your Personal Information:

Read call log

Allows the app to read your phones call log, including data about incoming and outgoing calls.

This permission allows apps to save your call log data, and malicious apps may share call log data without your knowlege

Read your contacts

Allows the app to read data about your contacts stored on your phone,

including the frequency with which you've called, emailed, or communicated in other ways

with specific individuals. This permission allows apps to save your contact data,

and malicious apps may share contact data without your knowledge.

Read your own contact card

Allows the app to read personal profile information stored on your

device, such as your name and contact information. This means

the app can identify you and may send your profile information

to others.

Now, why would a MAP application need to be monitoring who we are calling and how often we are calling other people?

Why would a map application be sending out information on who we are calling and how often we are calling them?

And just who are these people that these map applications are sending our phone logs to?

Who's on the other end reading our phone call logs? It can't be Sprint because we are using their phone service. Sprint already knows who we are calling.

Sprint; why are you allowing other people and companies to read our phone logs?


Re: Why does Sprint say Scout & **Me are free, when it's not?



When you download any app, we suggest you read through the permissions. This would be where you decide whether you'd like to accept or decline. You do have the option. Any third party app or any app may or may not include using information for certain reasons. The Scout App is free to download and Install. It is a navigation system so it will request your location, and other information it deems necessary to access calling for you searching information etc. Again you do have the option to decline and not use the application. There are several other applications that you have the option to choose. This is not a Sprint owned app. If you read the About portion of the app it will list the owners and who they use for information gathering. If you have any further questions please let us know. Thank you for reaching out on Sprint Community.


Sprint Social Care

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