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does Airave work with Virgin Mobile


does Airave work with Virgin Mobile

In my household we have three phones that are used from home; two sprint phones through work (so not registered at my address, but must be used for work calls) and one virgin mobile for personal use.  Although the coverage map shows that we have good signal in zip code 48144, we cannot keep a call connected from our house, inside or out.  I have two questions:  Will sprint cover the cost of an airave because two sprint phones essentially cannot make or receive phone calls?  And, will the Virgin Mobile phone work with the airave since it runs on the sprint network?


Re: does Airave work with Virgin Mobile

Good morning,

Thanks for reaching out. These are great questions and I can definitely assist you with this. The Airave will not work with Virgin mobile phones as they are not provisioned for Sprint service. Only Sprint devices can be used with the Airave. In addition, we do not offer the Airave at no cost. In certain situations we can make a case of it but it is only determined by the account itself. Since the Sprint account is for work and not set for the home address, we wouldn't be able to get a no cost device out to you. You can check out for more information.

I do have some good news, as we are deploying our network vision, the in-building coverage will improve and you will notice these improvements. I can look into the status of your areas upgrades by getting your crossest cross streets. You can also keep an eye on our progress at

Talk soon,


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