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iPad mini 16gb - wifi is horrible, Sprint CS poor, need out of my contract


iPad mini 16gb - wifi is horrible, Sprint CS poor, need out of my contract

In January, I signed up with sprint to get my wife an iPad mini 16gb on sprint.  The experience has been horrible overall.  We needed the smallest data package - 300MB for $15 per month. This should be totally fine since most of the usage should be at home where we can use the wifi.

First off, sprint charges fees on top of the plan price.  In my case it's $1.90, or about 13% extra.  I called to question this, and filed a dispute over this.  Sprint should have contacted me within 5 days of this.  But they never called / e-mailed / anything.

Secondly, the iPad mini itself is great except the wifi is horrible.  I've had Apple replace the iPad 2 times at an Apple store, we're on number 3 at the moment.  It's easy to see how bad the wifi is, I just showed the tech my iPhone 4s having a good wifi connection while the iPad mini was dropping the connection.

Third, one month (because the wifi is not good) we hit the 300MB limit.  Sprint automatically shut down the 3G/4G and sends an e-mail informing that the data is all used up, so I called to indicate that I would pay the overages.  CSR said we were good to go.  Next day, the 3G/4G wasn't working, but I had just indicated that I would pay the overages.  So I call back again to say I'll pay the overages.  Seems the first CSR had only allowed the overages for just that 1 day.  Very annoying to call on back to back days for the same issue.

Fourth, on our 3rd iPad mini when I called Sprint to inform them that Apple had replaced the iPad, the CSR couldn't get the iPad mini activated on Sprints network.  On the phone about 1.5 hours.  Hung up without the iPad working.  CSR indicated that I should talk to Apple about the iPad mini not working on Sprint's network.  This CSR indicated that she would call me back in a week to ensure that I was up and running.  The call never came.  However I did take the iPad mini to Apple and they said it was Sprint's problem.  So 1 more call to Sprint, and this time the CSR was able to get it activated properly.

So, in summary:  phone calls not returned, mishandling of allowing the data overages, poor wifi on the device itself, no response to my dispute over the fees.

I'll be trying to get out of this contract with Sprint.  I'd like to unload the iPad mini too, but I paid for that upfront.

so, there you go.



Re: iPad mini 16gb - wifi is horrible, Sprint CS poor, need out of my contract


Thank you for the post. I am very sorry to hear of everything you had to go through to get the Ipad mini to work. Along with the Wifi not working and having to get it replaced twice I can understand why you would be so frustrated. I am glad you finally got one to work properly. We don't want to see you go. Has everything been working ok so far since this post?  Please let me know I am here to help!

Thank you,


Social Care Team


Re: iPad mini 16gb - wifi is horrible, Sprint CS poor, need out of my contract

would you like to sell your ipad mini to a sprint user.

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