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Call forwarding on iPhone

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Call forwarding on iPhone

My call forwarding isn’t working. It stopped a week ago. Can someone please help me ? I tried the *73 *74 thing already 


It does not work at all. Dialing *730 also returns the same error recording.


It seems that there is a little trouble using the *codes to forward. 

You can still forward calls in your settings with iphone. 

Steps detailed below:


  1. From the Home screen, tap Settings.
  2. Tap Phone.
  3. Tap Call Forwarding.
  4. Tap the white slider to turn it green.
  5. Tap Forward to.
  6. Enter the desired number to forward calls to (use your own number to have calls forward to your voicemail).
  7. Tap Call Forwarding.

The phone is iOS 12.0.1

There is no Call Forwarding option in the phone settings.

The most I can do is tap Call Forwarding Disable and it will autodial *720.

Still only unconditional forwarding.



Hi gma70,

It looks like you need an iphone update and maybe a Sprint network update.  To update the Sprint network follow these steps:

Setting > General > About - if an update is available it will say in Network.




I just updated the system to iOS 12.1.2, but there is no option to update the Sprint Network either before or after the system update.


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