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Change PIN Not Working


Change PIN Not Working

I left spring, was offered a $100 incentive to come back. You convinced me.


While trying to come back to spring I had 5 chat sessions and 3 phone calls and NO luck. My security question is some technical mumbo-jumbo that makes no sense at all and I do not have my PIN. No problem, right? Changing it on the website is no problem, right? NO LUCK!


The "Save" button on the change PIN page doesn't do anything! Also, the drop down to change my security question also doesn't drop down any selections!


I'm being told that I have to go in person to a Sprint store to reactivate my account, but this seems like a huge hassle. I am offered no alternatives.


2nd question: Instead of doing this, I'd like to have my $100 incentive applied to a new account. I called to try to find out if this was possible, but people keep giving me canned non-answers over the phone.


I'm beyond frustrated. Can I speak to someone without a script that they're following? Will someone at least listen to ALL the details and respond accordingly? I'm trying to COME BACK and after 2 hours of jumping through the same hoops, my interest is seriously flagging.

Sprint Social Care

Re: Change PIN Not Working

Yeah! I can see how having to go for a visit to Sprint can be a hassle. Unfortunately, unless you visit a store with two forms of ID, you will not be able to change your PIN. As for your next question, no, you cannot get the $100 applied to a new account. 

Sprint Social Care
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