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Customer Feedback


Customer Feedback

I was looking to provide some feedback regarding my most recent experience with Sprint, but I could not find the proper forum.


I upgraded several devices back in the end of July. I was supposed to return two of the old devices as part of the upgrade. However, I never received the return kits. I have had to contact Sprint 8 times in the last two months in order to make any progress. I finally had the return kits sent to me last week. I should receive them today. I am still waiting on a credit to my account since I am still being billed for the two devices that were to be returned. I have been a customer with Sprint for over 10 years and I am very disappointed in my recent experience. It has been time consuming and very frustrating. I do not feel confident in doing business with Sprint/T-Mobile anymore and will consider other options. We usually upgrade to new devices every year but now I am afraid to. I do not want to go through this hassle again.


On another note, when I upgraded the devices, the salesperson was very helpful. Even though it took 2 hours to go through everything, she offered great deals and a lower bill. However, it does not appear that the offer promised has been full filled. It is hard to tell since we have been charged extra every month since the upgrade for the two devices that should be returned. However, after that is resolved, we were promised a total bill of $319. Once the charges for the other phones are removed, our bill will still be much higher than that.


Almost every time I have spoken to a customer service representative, I have left the call feeling like the issue was resolved only to find out later that it was not. These failed promises have left a bad taste in my mouth. Especially as a long-time customer. You have lost my trust and it will be difficult for me to feel comfortable doing business with you in the future.



Leanna *******

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