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Four discussions with customer care representatives = 4 different answers


Four discussions with customer care representatives = 4 different answers

I have been a customer for 12 years. We currently have 5 lines with Sprint. I have on single request which is to unblock my phone that I've had since Oct 2018 and port it over to another carrier.


I have spoken to four separate customer care representatives. All three conversations have lasted more than an hour long. Yesterday I spent 2.5 hours trying to port my phone over talking to three different representatives. But it doesn't end there. 


A week ago I spoke with a customer care agent and asked for my phone to be unlocked so I could port it over to the other carrier. This was a difficult decision as my family had been with Sprint for 12 years. I need to port all phones over to a new carrier due to the high cost of phone plans. At no time was any consideration given to my family's loyalty to Sprint. Instead the customer care representative tried her best to sell new phones. That was her only solution to reduce the high cost of my family's bill. I explained my frustration with Sprint, asked again to have my phone unlocked so I could port over. Then asked to speak to a supervisor. She said one was not available but would ask for her supervisor to reach out to me. I never received a call from a supervisor. At the end of the conversation the representative assured me that my phone was available to transfer to another carrier.


When I try to port my phone over, it does not work. I call Sprint to confirm I can take my phone to another carrier. Again the representative asked me how to fix the problem. I explained the high cost of the bill. The representative pushed a new phone as the only solution. No reduced plan was offered. When for the second time I asked to port my phone over, I was told that the phone line was no longer active. I would have to reactivate the line in order to port it over. I asked about activation fees, which I would have to pay. Representative said yes I would have to pay the fees associated with reactivation. Completely shocked by the answer, I asked to speak to a manager. I was transferred to a specialist whom once again I explained the issue. This is the third time I was told that porting the phone over would not be able problem. I was left on hold so the specialist could unlock my phone. The whole conversation lasted roughly 45 minutes. Mind you I was assured a few day before that the phone was unlocked and available for porting over.


I confirmed with my new provider that the phone is still not unlocked. I was told to call Sprint back.


This time the customer care agent did take some time to investigate what was happening. The agent told me that I could not port my phone because it was still under contract. Mind you I got this phone i Oct 2018. And to top that off, my phone is associated with another account! Someone outside of my family. A completely different sprint customer! Wait what?


Clearly there is an internal problem. How the phone I have been using and paying for for the last 12 years is connected to a totally different sprint customer is beyond comprehension. The agent gave me a case # and told me to go into the STORE where the phone was purchased (thank goodness I haven't moved and thank goodness this store is open due to Covid) to fix the issue.


Come on Sprint! Four customer care specialist. Four different answers. No resolution. I have to take time out of my calendar to physically walk into a store to fix the problem. My representative assured me that have the case # will help the store associate fully understand the situation. Do I believe that? No, not after being on the phone for 2.5 hours.


Why can't Sprint just acknowledge there is an internal issue and fix the problem for the customer? The end result will be the same. All I want to do is take my old phone to another carrier. Why do I have to be the middle person to work out Sprint's internal issues? How can I just get this phone unlocked so it can be ported over? This is gross negligence on Sprint's behalf.

Sprint Social Care

Hey! I am sorry about this experience you had with us. Let's see how I can help from my end. Send us a DM let's get this fixed!

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