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Intermittent WiFi calling on DuraForce pro


Intermittent WiFi calling on DuraForce pro

Works sometimes , I leave my house turn off Wi-Fi, get back home turn on Wi-Fi yet no Wi-Fi calling, I go to settings Wi-Fi calling, all I see is the on/off toggle & below “ Turn on Wi-Fi calling to configure your service“, turn toggle to on about 20 seconds later it pops back to off and grays out. More often than not this is the case

I have every single location service on, wi-Fi signal full boat, wi-Fi speed up and back above 30. PHONE=DuraForce pro 1, android ver. 6.0.1, software ver3.000sp, security patch Nov 6 2017. Service state both voice&data in svc. not roam.    I did notice Sprint carrier hub app “ Not compatible with your device anymore contact your developer“ , Phone indicates hub app still in phone, but can’t delete and reload,

what confuses me it does work intermittently, and due to locale cell signal from the towers does not always make it to me. Possibly stunning it with a stunt gun might help? 💥

Sprint Employee

Hey there! Hope you're doing fine. How long has this been going on? Has it always been like this? Have you tried any troubleshooting steps?

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you might need a reset..the carrier hub is what brings in the carrier Wifi Calling (WFC)..if its acting up or having issues then i would think anything related to it would as well.


was this purchased through Sprint or direct from the OEM or another vendor?

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************

I bought from sprint,  , funny thing is when I leave the house I turn off Wi-Fi , if it’s off for more than an hour that’s when wi-Fi calling completely disappeared and can’t get it back, so I Forget about it for a while, I have a friend down the street once in a while he will tell me android had another system update it seems to be whenever that happens it comes back again for a while


It has been happening pretty on and off ever since I’ve on the phone about eight months, I have tried every troubleshooting hint (not too many specifically for Wi-Fi calling) not just on the sprint site but also T-Mobile AT&T and Verizon site. I have tried every system update PRL, Update profile, network settings update & even cleared Cache partition. I’m trying to stay away from a hard reset so I don’t have to go to the aggravation of setting the phone up again. When I leave the house I usually turn off Wi-Fi to try to save battery if I inadvertently forget to turn it on again when get home and turn phone off for overnight in the a.m. when I get up and switch phone on that’s when Wi-Fi Calling is usually gone again. When I first got the phone I went to the sprint store they sent me to another sprint store where the guy was supposed to be an expert, He intern sent me to a third Sprint store where they were supposed to have something they could plug into my phone to troubleshoot, they knew nothing of such an animal, it’s become a bigger problem now due to my signal level has gone from a 3-4 to a 1-2. My neighbor who also has Sprint has also lost tower Signal level so I know it’s not just my phone, 


JUST ADDING MORE INFO TO PREVIOUS POSTS.  When I’m on WiFi calling screen,  sometimes when I flip on-off slider a box appears saying “ Problem loading management page‘ also if I press “actual button” at right of the home button' The one with the square, used to lift previously viewed pages, an extra up here, The header reads SMF APPLICATION. That’s an odd one for me I’ve never seen anything even close. Also as I look through Google play store under the list of Sprint apps CARRIER HUB says Update. When I press it it tells me “ This app isn’t compatible with your device any more“ I have had this phone for less than a year...

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