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Kudos to Brandon in Cancellation Dept


Kudos to Brandon in Cancellation Dept

So, overall I haven't been overly impressed with Sprint in the 35 days since making the switch. I asked speak with someone regarding leaving and switching to another network. After giving me the information as I requested, he asked me why I was looking to leave. I gave him the entire scoop from day one. He was very sympathetic and asked to place me on hold while he checked something. When he came back he was apologetic "12 minutes!? I am so sorry I kept you on hold for so long!" I was just grateful that someone was listening so I was fine with the wait.  He told me that he was going to help me with my issue, and then personally follow up with me repeatedly to make sure my issues is continually taken care of. FINALLY!!! Someone not only listened to me, but completely understood where I was coming from and went well above expectation to take care of me. Every customer service rep could stand to learn from Brandon. Talk to us like the people we are. Treat us with understanding and respect. THAT is how you win long-term customers. Thank you, Brandon!!


Sprint Employee

Wonderful! Well deserved Kudos to Brandon. I'm happy to know that he went above and beyond and finally gave you all the and support you needed and that he was a tool to fix your issues.

I'm also super happy to know that you're a happy customer once again. Thank you for taking the time to express your gratitude and give a positive feedback to Brandon. 

I really hope you remain Sprint customer for years to come. 😄

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