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Most Ridiculous customer Service


Most Ridiculous customer Service

I have been a sprint customer for more than 7 years and the response towards for my issue was so very annoying. I have very poor reception at my work place and was not able to use data at all. When i was planning on changing networks to be able to stay in touch with friends and family, I was directing to the another department who handles the carrier changes. They offered my a magic box that is supposedly a tower by itself and was also offered an Iphone Xs max since I was going to get a new phone to upgrade my existing iphone 7 with the new carrier. This rep (i wish i remember his name) said so many things (promised better coverage, $200 off on the new phone prorated, monthly bill to be no more than $100,etc ) despite me wanting to swap to a carrier with better reception after a lot of conversation. I wanted to give it another shot since i have been with sprint for so long. But I got extremely furious when I saw the next bill ($147).


I had to wait for half an hour to be connected to the right department. The rep was of no help at all. When asked about the bill, he kept saying that there is no way to change the bill. Then, had to be on hold for another 40 minutes to be able to talk to a supervisor and when mentioned all that was promised by the other rep, i was told that there is no way to honor all that and that they would take 3 weeks to pull up the recording and then will be sent to another department to review and they will make a decision on whether or not to honor what i was told. Meanwhile, i never received the magic box either. I was getting so very annoyed looking at the "1X" for data ALL THE TIME!! 


I just wanted to leave Sprint, move to another carrier then and there, returning the new phone but guess what! When i call the customer service and being on hold for half an hour, they say that i will have to wait for a label that will be mailed to be in a week, then mail to some address and i will get the refund in three weeks. so i have to be stuck with the annoying network for another whole month. so i asked if i can return it at a store and the rep says that there is a corporate store at one location and i can return it there. When i go there and argue for half an hour and them checking their system for some more time, they tell me that they wont take my phone since it was ordered with customer service over a phone call!!!!!. i was so furious at this point and asking that i want to move the next day. 

After being on hold for customer service for another half an hour, i was told that the only way i can move is to buy the phone ($1000!!!). i was so angry at that point so i did buy out the phone to switch carriers. 


the next challenge i was thrown into when i called verizon to move carrier was that the phone was not unlocked. So i call sprint again, fortunately, the wait time was only 5 minutes this time, and the rep says that she unlocked my phone on her system after i have all the info (IMEI, etc) she needed. She told me to hang up, turn off the phone, turn it back on and phone should be unlocked. i did that and called the other carrier and they say that the phone was still unlocked. so i try to call customer service and was put on hold for at least 20 minutes and then was told the SAME THING AND IT DID NOT WORK. 


I have a very busy work schedule so I did not want to spend half of my left over life being on hold for sprint. i waited for over a week and still nothing. So i make time and call customer service again.

When asked why my phone was still not unlocked, the lady asks, " is this the first time you are requesting to unlock your phone?" So does that mean that I need to call more that once to get something done? that too after waiting for so long on calls just to talk to a rep? Now, this rep says that my first request to unlock the phone was never processed because it hasn't been 50 days from the time that i had the new phone, which I was NOT TOLD BY ANY OF THE FIRST TWO REPS. i was so very annoyed and told her to just get it done. She claims to have gotten it done and I am going to check one more time. I guess that is the only option i have. 


It is EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING AND RIDICULOUS to spend almost 6 hours over the phone of which 3 hours was just being on hold. I believe this is the worst experience i had with ANY customer service that i have ever spoken to. It has been almost a month now that i wanted to just move away from Sprint and at every step they make so very complicated, time consuming and very very very annoying.

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