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Number being used for Caller ID Spoofing - What else can I do?


Number being used for Caller ID Spoofing - What else can I do?

Hi everyone,

My phone number has been being used for caller ID spoofing for months now, probably close to a year at this point. I have posted here before which helped me identify what was going on, I've done plenty of internet searches since and read all about it on the FCC website (including filing 2 complaints which ended up doing nothing at all). 


I'm here one last time looking for any suggestions on how to stop it. At first, it happened every once in a while. I'd ignore the calls which I was advised to do, and then there would be a bit of a lull from a few weeks to a few months. Now, even though I am ignoring every call, I am getting multiple people calling me back every day saying they got a call from my number. This has been going on for about 2 weeks now. The worst case scenario is I will change my phone number, however, I've had the same one for 10+ years, so I am hoping someone has some suggestion on how to stop this before it leads to that. 


If anyone has any more suggestions, please help me out! These calls are driving me insane. 

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Re: Number being used for Caller ID Spoofing - What else can I do?

I understand your frustration. I haven't personally dealt with this, but I get a lot of spam calls. Based on my documents, the files to the FCC are the only thing we're provided. I have a phone number, web address, and mailing address. I apologize that I can't be more help.





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