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Other party cannot hear me, I can hear them - recent issue


Other party cannot hear me, I can hear them - recent issue

I've been working from home since mid-March. My work phone number has been forwarded to my cell phone the whole time and has worked fine - up until 2 weeks ago or so.


I can hear the other party clearly, but they hear nothing. My husband has the same issue, though he is working out and about. 


I have an iPhone X, he has a Samsung Note 8. 


Is there some magic series of numbers that I need to punch into my phone to update to T-Mobile or something? It has been a rough two weeks!

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Sprint Social Care

So both of you are hearing but the person on the line cannot hear you? This is happening with both your devices? 

Yes. Both of us. Happening at multiple locations. (Me at home, him out).

Neither of us are using WiFi calling. I did try it but it didn't help so I turned it back off.


Okay, I can do some troubleshooting on my end but you may need to take them to a store so one of our techs can look at them to see if it may be some setting that I cannot access. Send me a PM with your nearest cross street and ZIP code so I can check it out? 

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