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Prepaid Visa rewards cards


Prepaid Visa rewards cards

Mine expired.  Long story, but contacted Sprint care via chat on my phone.  I was promised by a rep (Lia M) that if I called the number she gave me, they would fix it so I could still use my rewards. I screen shot the whole conversation so I have it in writing.  Called the number and was told to call another number, called that number and was told to call another number, I did.  

I called that number and it was for American Express, not Sprint, so I hung up.  I then called 1-888-211-4727 customer service number and spoke to Golda, who was lovely, but could not help.  I asked to speak to a supervisor and got Nathan, who was not so lovely. He said, "Nothing can be done". I told him I have in writing what I was promised by Lia M. because I did screen shots of the whole conversation and that someone needs to honor what I was promised. He just kept repeating his  "Nothing can be done" statement in a not so nice tone. I said something can be done, you are just unwilling to do anything. It is not that it can't be fixed, just that no one will. I asked to speak to a manager. He said one would call me back in 48-72 hours.  All of that took almost 3 hours.

I then started tweeting and Facebook posting. I got a response and was told via a tweet from SH "You can also call to inquire about getting a new card due to expiration, this may be requested one time within 30 days of the original expiration date. Hope this helps. -SH"  I asked for the number to call to do that, and I got no answer.  

I was asked to go to secure messaging instead of Twitter and Facebook.  I provided the screen shots to them. I spent an additional 3 hours trying to get help via that route.  They would only respond once every 20-30 minutes!

I am honestly appalled at how I have been treated. I am a new customer who is beginning to regret being a customer at all. 



Ok, thank you.  I've called that number and they transferred me to another number that has a 68 minute hold time.  : ( Do you have any other suggestions or know someone I can speak to?  thank you for the help.  


That is the number we give out to handle the cards. I know holding is a pain, but that is where you would need to start. 


I tried to call several numbers when this happened to me a while back. I had several VISA gift cards that had expired and I found them way after the fact. I didn't realize they expired so **bleep** quick. I was basically told I was outta good luck with getting your cards reinstated.

I've been with Sprint since 2003....I guess loyalty means nothing.


can i get a contact of him?

i have same problem


Hi tmddns3542 ! I have replied to your message on another thread. Please check it. 

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